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Decondition – Sukellan Tuntemattomiin Syvyyksiin

Industrial music has deep roots in mechanical loops and the literal sounds of industry. Finnish native Arttu Laine draws heavily from this deep well in this Decondition release on French label Force Majeure (sub-label of Nuit et Brouillard), following The Universal Nothingness; a two-thousand-and-six cassette released on Freak Animal Records. So why does it leave me feeling so […]

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Legionarii Iron Legion

Legionarii – Iron:Legion

Founded in 2011, Legionarii is one of the more interesting martial projects to emerge from the post-industrial underground in recent years. The album featured here, Iron:Legion, was released by Rage in Eden in 2012 and serves as the project’s debut full-length, appearing only months after 2011’s two-track digital-only release, The New Era, on Castellum Stoufenburc. […]

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Quttinirpaaq No Visitors

Quttinirpaaq – No Visitors

For those unacquainted with the more obscure details of North American geography, the Quttinirpaaq National Park is the northernmost park in Canada. For those additionally unacquainted with the indigenous language of Inuktitut, the name means “top of the world”, and for those lastly unacquainted with prehistoric ice sheets, this park is home-base for glaciers which […]

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Thrym – Thrym

In the age of digital distribution and Bandcamp, the surprise isn’t that so many one-man projects have quietly emerged, but how many of them turn out to be remarkably solid acts. Take Sweden’s Thrym for example, to whom I was introduced only recently by Dan Capp. The brainchild of Stockholm’s Henrik Witoslaw and founded only […]

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Black Mountain Transmitter Playing with Dead Things

Black Mountain Transmitter – Playing with Dead Things

“Our names are unknown and our faces are shadows drifting across an infinite blackness.” Contained within this lavish and beautifully handcrafted cassette package, the above ominous quote by American Horror author Thomas Ligotti is printed in dark black ink on one side of the cassette’s brown paper insert. The remainder of the quote, taken from […]

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Boreal & Twilight Falls & Stellar Descent – Orogeny

Orogeny is an album created under various guises, with three separate entities claiming a part of its creation. Interestingly, all three bands involve the same two people, Ash and someone who is simply known as A. The difference between each of these projects is simply who handles what, be it drums, guitars, or vocals. The sound between […]

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Noctivagant The Sleep of Reason

Noctivagant – The Sleep of Reason

Noctivagant is a black metal duo who hail from Narimanov in Astrakhan Oblast, which lies in Southwestern Russia. The band consists of one Bekzhan on vocals and the equally vaguely named Vadim on guitar and keyboards. Together, they manage to weave a traditionally depressive darkness using minimal ambient structures and a droning, brooding landscape of […]

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Puce Mary The Great Panic

Puce Mary – The Great Panic

Since her early releases with fellow Denmark residents Posh Isolation, Frederikke Hoffmeier has moved from strength to strength. Her Puce Mary project has been praised in broad circles – from the industrial underground traditionalists to those in The Wire crowd – and there is a tangible, increasing confidence with every outing. Her latest tape, this […]

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Snoqualmie Falls Dream Sequence

Snoqualmie Falls – Dream Sequence

Snoqualmie Falls appeared somewhere during the end of 2012 just in time to find me watching David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series for yet another time, and I suppose this is exactly one of their intentions – to keep us all in their own version of this Lynchian world. Their first release, Red, Fire and Dark, […]

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J Orphic Villa Ardita

J Orphic – Villa Ardita

“When the heroes die, people build their tombs. When the heroes die, monuments are constructed. When the heroes live, a land becomes a nation.” After an extended silence, Milan-based J Orphic has released the new album, Villa Ardita, on the German Castellum Stoufenburc imprint. The pairing couldn’t be better, as Castellum Stoufenburc has been showcasing […]

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