Most Popular 2012

Most Popular Articles 2012

These are the most popular journalistic contributions as voted for by Heathen Harvest readers in the year 2012.

The ‘most popular’ list for this year has now been frozen permanently. The first list for 2013 will be posted in February.

Final update: 30th Dec 2012

01. Islamic Dissent: An Interview with Janaza
Black metal

02. Artist Feature: Scarcity Of Tanks – Sensational Grade + Vulgar Defender + Fear is not Conscience
Noise / Noise rock

03. Heathen Harvest – Samhainwork I

04. Immundus – Bounded to Eternal Time and Space
Dark ambient

05. Sangre de Muerdago – Sangre de Muerdago

06. Osewoudt – Gelag van Zwartgeklede Kraaien

07. With a Hollow Rumble of Wings; An Interview with Miel Noir
Dark ambient / drone / darkwave

08. Suveräna – Vanguard

09. New Hexvessel Track “A Letter in Birch Bark”
Psychedelic rock/folk

10. “Grishjärta” by Nattramn


11. Heathen Harvest’s Best of 2012

12. Heathen Harvest Walpurgisnacht Sampler

13. Beyond the River of Darkness Grows the Light of Love; An Interview with Costin Chioreanu

14. October Obituaries: Category IX – Anton Szandor LaVey

15. Hoyland – Dreams Within A Dream
Dark ambient

16. Samhain: An Introduction to its Mythology and Folklore
Open Harvest

17. Arkane – Mesmerising Masquerade single

18. From the Sands of Dudael; Exclusive Audio Interview with Nightbringer
Black metal

19. October Obituaries: Category II – Rozz Williams

20. Charles Manson – Horsefly


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  1. 4th March 2012 at 14:11 #

    HOYLAND !! :)

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