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Sending Music

Due to the unprecedented number of submissions we have received over the last several months, the Heathen Harvest Periodical will no longer be accepting unsolicited promos.  While this policy will hopefully change in the future, we are currently working under a massive backlog, and are attempting to cover promos roughly in the order of release.  However, thoughtful and well-crafted reviews take time to write, and we may not be able to cover every submission we have received.

Please note that we are unable to return items that are sent to us.

If you are a label whom we have worked closely with in the past or believe you have a release that you think we wouldn’t want to pass up, please feel free to get in touch.

For any inquiries, including physical or digital promotions, news submissions, or requesting information about how to become a writer for the Heathen Harvest Periodical, please contact our PR representative Rebecca at [email protected].

The Heathen Harvest Periodical considers all works within the folk, ambient, industrial, experimental / avant-garde, extreme metal, gothic, darkwave, noise, dark electro, classical, and other related underground genres.