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About Us

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Heathen Harvest was originally conceived as a non-commercial means to promote and review Post-Industrial music. Since the website’s inception we have expanded our musical focus to include any relevant underground genre or music style that we find relevant, compelling or inspiring. Our original vision included an international orientation that has made Heathen Harvest accessible to people from any nationality or locality. By bucking the trend of nation-based web portals and webzines, Heathen Harvest has emerged as the only website with an international focus and no national association which has allowed our readership to expand internationally. As the website has grown our mission has remained the same. Today we are proud to be the leading web-based magazine covering the multi-faceted landscape of the international underground music scene.

Heathen Harvest offers the only true international perspective on our thriving underground music scene. With a collective of journalists culled from a number of countries including the USA, U.K., Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece and Columbia we offer the most diverse perspective present on the internet. Heathen Harvest’s talented international collective of journalists and contributors offer informative reviews that go beyond the basics and delve deeply into descriptions and impressions of the music being reviewed. Our reviews offer the reader essential background information concerning the artists and inform the reader of relevant influences, inspirations, and references found within the music via off site web links. In addition to our review offerings our interview archive remains unrivaled in terms of content and professionalism. Our journalists explore beyond the customary interview questions seeking answers to questions no others ask.

Like the majority of webzines, Heathen Harvest was originally launched using a standard php web-publishing program. From the beginning we found this standardized technology less than desirable. We have committed an enormous amount of time and resources into offering our readers a customized and exclusive web interface. Heathen Harvest works closely with an independently contracted professional web designer / programmer to insure our readers experience a unique and original experience that is unparalleled by our peers. Our reliance on custom programming and design has enabled us to remain distinguished from the growing herd of uncreative cloned websites. At every phase of development the Heathen Harvest development team is considering our readers and how we can make the browsing experience at Heathen Harvest more original, informative and user friendly.

Advertisement Free
Heathen Harvest has remained advertisement free since its inception. It is our belief that our readers do not want to be distracted by flashing banners and commercial visual clutter. Heathen Harvest is completely self-financed and is supported by an international all volunteer staff that is motivated by their love of music and art. You can be assured to receive unbiased reviews that reflect the reviewers’ true thoughts and impressions. Heathen Harvest will never be tempted to accept external financing or contributions nor will we host banners or other advertisements.

The original Heathen Harvest was conceived and overseen by Malahki Thorn, who decided to retire in 2010. We carry on what he started, both for him and for the greater good of the dark underground music scene!