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Troum & Monocube ‘Contemplator Caeli’ Out Now on Vinyl

The first vinyl release on Transgredient is a 4 track collaboration between Ukraine’s experimental guitar drone project Monocube and Troum, working with each other’s basic material; numbered first ed. 200 copies, multi-coloured vinyl, insert, phantastic artwork by sukkeret.og.pepper studio (Berlin); OUT NOW!

Contemplator Caeli‘ denotes the antique notion and skill of immersing into the (night-) sky, in order to feel connected to the immeasurable dimensions of the universe and the unearthly powers.

The celestial spheres and objects are interpreted as living entities, building a shelter for the earth and the humans, reflecting an eternal cosmic order and it’s principles.


The sky is being watched with deep humbleness, amazement and praise.

Inspired by this old notion Troum & Monocube  wanted to capture it’s emotional bearing, understanding the sky also as our ‘psychic firmament’, the universe that is linked with every single cell in our bodies.

Ukraine’s transcendent guitar drone project Monocube and German dream atmospherics Troum collaborated on four long tracks, working with each other’s basic material, using acoustic guitars, melodica, accordion, voice and electronic effects.