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Nechochwen/Bhleg – 7″ Pre-orders Now Being Accepted + Label News

Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis Produktion are honored to announce the impending release and pre-orders for the Nechochwen/Bhleg – Split 7″.

Nechochwen/Bhleg – Split 7″

A rare silvering moon broods simultaneously over Västra Götaland and West Virginia.

It has united Bhleg and Nechochwen in spirit and atmosphere, compelling them to pick up their sacred instruments and gather to pay homage to the splendor of nature.

This intangible lunar calling has given us these two transcendental, hypnotizing folkish metal incantations to savor as pieces of vibrant and living art to be celebrated beneath eerie moon washed skies.


Side A
Bhleg – Sorlande sky

Side B
Nechochwen – Majestic Translucence

Both bands are working hard on new material as we speak and this 7″ gives a glimpse into what’s to come.

N. American customers, reserve your copy from Bindrune direct here:

European customers, order your copy direct from Nordvis here:

In Bindrune News….

Austin LunnThe folks at Bindrune are pleased to announce that Austin Lunn (Panopticon) is now co-owner, and artist/art relations for Bindrune Recordings.

Well…. he has been, but now it’s official.

Austin is a man of many talents and passions, along with being a tireless business owner and family man.

He has been a close friend and confidant to the workings of this label for many years, but has been taking a more prominent role in Bindrune for about a year now as the work to re-organize and try to take the label to the next level.

Bindrune has been active since 2000. They are eager to increase public awareness of their exploits along with expanding the labels scope into other musical genres to include death metal and folk without losing touch with the creative uniqueness that has always made this labels roster truly great.

The release schedule for the year is still being worked on, but the following titles are nearing various levels of completion:

Nechochwen/Bhleg – Split 7″
Panopticon – The Crescendo of Dusk MLP
Panopticon – Social Disservices LP Re-Issue
Panopticon – Live Migration 2LP (Recorded Live at Migration Fest 2018)
The Glorious Dead – Imperator of the Desiccated 7″
When Bitter Spring Sleeps – Star-thrown LP
Obsidian Tongue – TBA LP
Nechochwen/Panopticon – Split LP

With this re-organization, there are new email addresses:

Artist development: [email protected]

General info: [email protected]