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The Helen Scarsdale Agency Has Three Forthcoming Releases to Announce!

The first from The Helen Scarsdale Agency is the debut of the Junkie Flamingos, a narcotic and occluded industrial trio featuring Luca Sigurtà, Alice Kundalini (She Spread Sorrow), and Daniele Delogu.

This oblique, sidereal album takes inspiration from Holderlin’s Hyperion in a dark ambient nod to the slow motion, proto-techno torpor of Elettronica Meccanica that feels very much like the classic early ‘90s approach of Coil.

The Agency also have their first publication from Southern Californian interdisciplinary artist Cristopher Cichocki with his Desert Drone Cycle. This is a harrowing isolationist work paralleling that of Thomas Köner and Alan Lamb.

And The Agency’s Jim Haynes presents his first album in over two years, with the rugged rhythmic production of Inconclusive pressed by the Belgian imprint Audio Visuals Atmosphere.

Junkie Flamingos – Lemegeton Party

Lemegeton Party is the narcotic and occluded industrial-ambient debut for the Junkie Flamingos, a project conceived in 2017 by Luca Sigurtà, Alice Kundalini, and Daniele Delogu.

Junkie Flamingos - Lemegeton Party

Each of these musicians has their distinctive sounds: Sigurtà with his vertiginous electronica, Kundalini best known as the author behind the death industrial project She Spread Sorrow, and Delogu in the bombastic folk of the Barbarian Pipe Band.

Their collective amalgamation shifts but does not denude each of these aesthetics in the construction of this oblique, sidereal album.

Inspired by Freidrich Holderlin’s Hyperion, Lemegeton Party is gilded with a neoclassical sheen that alludes to both the divine and the diabolical.

Kundalini’s whispered invocations which have so creepily effective in addressing psychosexually abject conditions in She Spread Sorrow are immediately recognizable here.

Yet, she shifts the content towards messages of power and strength, even if cast in the shadows of desolation and solitude. 

The arrangements ebb and flow upon a rhythmic spine of drum machines and cybernetic sequences, laden with acoustic instrumentation bathed in effects and treatments that all serve to bolster Kundalini’s allegorical declarations.

To think of Coil’s post-MDMA experiments in chill-out isolationism wouldn’t be far from the mark, with the Junkie Flamingos making a dark ambient nod to the slow motion, proto-techno torpor of Elettronica Meccanica instead of ‘90s British rave culture.

Mastered by James Plotkin and photograph by Stefano Majno.

Cristopher Cichocki – Desert Drone Cycle

Cristopher Cichocki is an interdisciplnary artist from the Coachella Valley, with an extensive body of work that examines transmorphic cycles of decay and renewal.

His multi-faceted practice addresses environmental and socio-political disintegration above and beneath the surface of everyday perception.

Cristopher Cichocki - Desert Drone Cycle
Cichocki is as accomplished in maximalist, immersive composition as he is with painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation and Land art interventions.

Desert Drone Cycle returns from the Southern California desert and Salton Sea, a region which has long been a subject of his work as well as an integral source for his materials.

Water recordings and windstorms are amplified and dilated into thrumming movements of ominous frequencies and hypnotic echo.

Cichocki girds such sounds around a somatic rhythm akin to a heartbeat and frames the notion of the ‘drone’ both as the trance-inducing, keening sound, but also as the unnamed aircraft conducting infrared surveillance.

On one level, Cichocki’s sound research and experimental applications highlight the complexities around land use management when humanity encroaches upon sensitive environments.

And on another, it stands as a harrowing document of isolationist composition paralleling that of Thomas Köner, Deathprod, Alan Lamb, and BJ Nilsen.

Jim Haynes  – Inconclusive

Inconclusive is the first album from Jim Haynes in over two years.

During the intervening passage of time since 2017’s Electrical Injuries (Aussenraum) and Vane Dodson (Monorail Trespassing), the California based artist has studiously amplified and accelerated his electro-acoustic crucible to incorporated much of what he gleaned from a lengthy residency at Naut Humon’s Recombinant Media Labs.

Jim Haynes - Inconclusive

Here, the rudiments of sequenced based structures and control voltage rhythms snap into place amidst his smoldering noises from jagged frequencies.

The signature disruptions of jagged shortwave and misfiring turbines announce the beginning of Haynes’ Inconclusive with the chemically treated volatility of “Blotched.”

An actual drum machine provides firmament to the battery of synthetic electronics, scalding distortion, and disembodied voice within the virulent “And Then, Theranos.”

Oily pistons and arc-light dissonance lend a high-tension, industrial feel to “An Isolated Failure.”

Inconclusive tightens the rhythmic proclivities that have run through Haynes recent live performances, reworking much of that material in a studio context.

References to Le Syndicat, Pan Sonic, Daniel Menche, and Kevin Drumm all might be applicable.