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TRAILER: Anton LaVey – Into the Devil’s Den, Documentary from Carl Abrahamsson

Carl Abrahamsson celebrates the 89th anniversary of Anton LaVey’s birth with announcement of his new film, Anton LaVey – Into the Devil’s Den! Featuring in-depth interviews with Blanche Barton, Peter Gilmore, Peggy Nadramia, Bob Johnson, Kenneth Anger, Michael Moynihan, Mitch Horowitz, and others. See the IndieGoGo page for crowdfunding tiers and rewards, including autographed books by Carl Abrahamsson, photo prints, DVD’s, and more.


From the press release:

In 1989, I met Anton LaVey for the first time. At this time in his life, LaVey was seeing only a select few people. For this film, I’ve met and interviewed some of them, to try and create a composite image of what he was really like, and what he meant to these people. It’s a memory lane trip, filled with personal stories, dark humor, great music and never before seen material with the “Black Pope” himself. – Carl Abrahamsson, Stockholm, April 2019

Anton LaVey was many things to many people: musician, magician, writer, wild animal trainer, police photographer, film buff, founder of a magical group, and possibly of a new religion, and yes… He was a Satanist. With his creation of the infamous Church of Satan in 1966, and his bestselling book The Satanic Bible in 1969, Anton LaVey changed the ballgame in many ways. Here was a free-spirited San Francisco based group neither in favour of mind-expanding drugs, nor of peace & love for its own sake. Here was a group that was decidedly, outspokenly anti-Christian. Here was a group that brought dark pro-sexual psychodrama and the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche straight into American living rooms and TV couches. Anton LaVey became a celebrity scapegoat who basked in the attention, and made a successful career out of it. But who was Anton LaVey behind the public persona that so easily provoked primitive American Christians and other intolerants? Who was this enigmatic “American Adversary”?

Where the film Satanis by Ray Laurent (1969) shows the publicity-conscious and media-savvy LaVey, Nick Bougas’s 1993 documentary Speak of the Devil shows a considerably more private high priest of the Church of Satan indulging in his own pleasures. Now it’s time for an even more nuanced image, painted by the people who knew LaVey personally and who carry on his work and ideas to this day.

My film ANTON LAVEY – INTO THE DEVIL’S DEN is a documentary that gives you exclusive insight into the man detractors called “The Black Pope.” The film contains never before shown interview material with LaVey, private photographs, rare recordings, plus in-depth interviews with Blanche Barton, Peter Gilmore, Peggy Nadramia, Bob Johnson, Kenneth Anger, Michael Moynihan, Mitch Horowitz, Ruth Waytz, Carl Abrahamsson, and more…

The film is on its way! But we still have a long way to go in the expensive struggle of post-production. This is where you can help out. The film needs more archival material, sound-cleaning and color grading, all of which requires TIME and money. If you support this film, you will not only reap the infernal benefits of association; you will also take part of some amazing “perks.”

For more information, please also visit: www.trapartfilm.com  and please consider supporting ongoing productions at: www.patreon.com/vanessa23carl  Thank You!

About Carl Abrahamsson

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