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Practical Electronics with Thighpaulsandra Available Now

As audacious as the sleeve it comes housed in, the UK’s most eccentric audio malefactor returns with his eighth studio album, Practical Electronics with Thighpaulsandra.

Unique in the Thighpaulsandra oeuvre, this one eschews the usual group based recordings, consisting of electronics and vocals only.

Thighpaulsandra | Practical Electronics with… Editions Mego

‘Hamza has more in common with an act like Laibach as it growls and grunts about shadows and depths over a slightly funky post rock cum electronic mad scientist.

Though most of the lyrics are fairly impenetrably garbled in the mix, this has a ferocious gloss of dark humour and foreboding spectacle.

More of a monster movie soundtrack in its core, this thing purrs, burrs and whirrs with a grinding velocity that manages to keep one foot on the ground while all other parts flail wildly.

Denoting that Hamza is a letter in the Arabic alphabet may not really help the listener to easily decode its meaning, in fact it may only send you deeper down into the vortex that Thighpaulsandra (aka Tim Lewis) has developed herein.

It is the gong-like percussion, and the reverberation thereof, that re-centers the consciousness in this darkly enigmatic work.’_Excerpt from review at Toneshift.net

Hovering between haunted narratives and extended instrumental sequences Practical Electronics is an eccentric excursion into playful pop and fearless electronic experimentation.

Simultaneously intimidating and accessible, the energy of this untamed mind unleashes an artefact where high art unfolds as an oblique electronic cabaret.

Having cut is teeth amongst such legendary outfits such as Coil and Spiritualized, Thighpaulsandra has constantly catapulted himself further and further into a musical landscape utterly of his own devising.

Practical Electronics is the latest exemplary installment of a voice that is uncompromising as it is outlandish.