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The Magickal Women Conference – 1 June 2019

The Magickal Women Conference pays homage to the women of the past who challenged the status quo by embracing mysticism, esotericism, and occult teachings, and to the women who continue those rich traditions through lived practice, performance, and adeptship.

They have put together an astounding international roster of speakers, masterclasses, and workshops, including the headline speaker Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, keynote speaker Christina Oakley-Harrington, the Artist-in-Residence Victoria Musson, and the Storyteller-in-Residence Baya Salmon-Hawk.

This event honours all women, whether female by birth or not, and welcome everyone to join in on this historic day.

Please read the full statement on trans-women, non-binary and other gender-variant identities here. It will be a day of rich content and stimulating debate, with lots of opportunity for discussion.

The Presenters

Caitlín Matthews “Sounding the Silence: Embodying and Singing the Otherworld”

Myroslava Hartmond “The Woman Behind Helena Petrovna Blavatsky”

Shani Oates “Sybils and Seers”

Chaweon Koo “Beyond Western Occultism: How a Korean American Witch Practices Magic” 

Madeleine LeDespencer “Flower of Evil: The Satanic Woman of Fin de Siècle Paris, Berthe de Courrière”

Charlotte Rodgers “The Dancing Serpents of Art and Magick”

Emma Kathyrn “Rebel Women And Rebel Magic”

Alkistis Dimech “Flower on Fire (Dance. Sex. Heresy.)”

Caroline Levander “Creating Tradition without Gendered Roles in the Swedish ‘Court of Aine’ Wicca tradition” 

Sabina Stent “Leonor Fini: Fashion Magick Sorceress”

Verónica Rivas “Maria de Padilla: From the Castilian Court to the Quimbanda Kingdoms” 

Rebecca Beattie “Imagining Ways of Constructing the Occult in Fiction: The Nature Mystic Novels of Mary Webb and Sylvia Townsend Warner

Deborah Castellano “Twenty Years with the Amethyst Circle of Sisters”

Helene Arts “Women of the Left-Hand Path: Practice, Praxis & Power” 

Deja Whitehouse “A Cartomantic ‘Marriage’ – An exploration of the relationship between Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley during the development of The Book of Thoth” 

K. A. Laity “The Sounds of Salvation: Leonora Carrington’s The Hearing Trumpet” 

Elaine Bailey “Anna Bonus Kingsford, the Woman Clothed with the Sun”

Heather Berrow “An Appreciation of Margaret Bruce”

Raye Schwarz “Women in Alchemy: Hidden in Plain Sight” 

Caroline Wise “Olivia Robertson: A Magical Life” 

Pauline Soum-Paris “Mystic Journalism? Florence Farr’s contribution to The Occult Review and The New Age (1907-1909)”

Julia Phillips “Madeline Montalban, the Magus of St Giles”

Banshee McGalloway “Hex-ual Justice: Young Witches and the Intersection of Trauma and Magick”

Scarlett Amaris “Una Woodruff’s artwork in Colin Wilson’s book, Witches (1981)” 

Sharron Kraus “Magickal Music / Musickal Magic”


This conference is guaranteed to  be an exciting event and they are honoured to be bringing you a roster of brilliant magic(k)al women from around the world, offering new perspectives, new research, and fresh and inspirational practice, while paying homage to our women forebears and elders.