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Exclusive: Sutekh Hexen Return with “SubStratus” from Their New Studio Album

Rising from the black earth, Sutekh Hexen are back with a new release on Cyclic Law/ Sentient Ruin. The eponymous album is actually their first proper studio release and sees them as defiant and meditative as ever. They are both cruel and hypnotic as they further their inquiry into opposition, endurance, and paradox.

Each of the ten tracks is a rite of clandestine horror through a distillation of power-ambient, industrial, and black metal deconstructionism. Some of what is presented will challenge the expectations of their fans, to say nothing of casual listeners who happen upon it. They unleash a fog haunted disorientation, surreal agony, the distress of buried forces surfacing, a revelation of black tongues.  This is a new era of Sutekh Hexen, and it is a sharpening of their blade, a merciless lucidity.

We are very lucky to be able to give you a preview of what is in store: “SubStratus”. This track offers a perfect glimpse of what can be expected from the album: an awesome, Leviathan-like beauty.

Sutekh Hexen will be released on March 29th and will be available from Cyclic Law and Sentient Ruin Laboratories on double vinyl and double cassette. All of these are available for pre-order now. Be prepared for pleasure and exquisite pain.


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