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Composing Chaos: Pedestrian Deposit Drop New Album “Dyers’ Hands” and Embark on Two-Month U.S. Tour

Those who have already come into contact with the collaborative spark between Jonathan Borges and Shannon Kennedy will be pleased to hear that after five years, they are again—this very evening, in fact—departing the L.A. urban wastes to scatter their high-art interpretation of the full gamut of post-industrial subgenres among two months-worth of U.S. cities. The tour is to commemorate and spread news of their latest album, Dyers’ Hands, available now on Monorail Trespassing. Dyers’ Hands is “the ninth Pedestrian Deposit full-length. In a reversal of tradition, the material was initially developed over the course of several live performances throughout Europe and the U.S. before entering the studio. Composed specifically for the CD format and recorded in stunning clarity, the result is a thrilling and dynamic listen; not only encompassing several genres of experimental music across five tracks, but also every phase of the group’s history—from active cut-up noise to elements of neo-classical minimalism, to dark ambient soundscapes and everything in between, avoiding the sometimes temporary nature of such an approach.”

Pedestrian Deposit’s tour opens up this evening in Tempe, Arizona, but you can catch them at some point almost anywhere in the country in the following two months:

Pedestrian Deposit | Credit: Plack Blague

March 19 – Palo Verde Lounge; Tempe AZ
With: Gabby Isaac, Sean Pierce, Genital Stigmata, Npsych MFK

March 20 – Etiquette; Santa Fe NM
With: Scung, Theodore Cale Schaefer

March 22 – Andy’s Bar; Denton TX
With: FILTH, Scuffed, A(Sex), Sobering, MomWoW

March 23 – 523 Thompson; Austin TX
With: Dromez, Glasgow Smile, T.E.F., Skullcaster, Gerritt Wittmer

March 24 – Notsuoh; Houston TX
With: Illicit Relationship, Glasgow Smile, T.E.F.

March 25 – Mudlark Public Theater; New Orleans LA
With: Divorce Ring, fri(G)id

March 26 – Portal 4; Gainesville FL
With: Lavas Magmas, Bluesharp, Ironing, Frog

March 27 – Churchill’s; Miami FL
With: Sharlyn Evertsz, Street Rat, Period Bomb, Ellen Ripley, Academic, Calnepuelco, Yam Yam, Laboratory, Gorgeous

March 28 – Stardust Video; Orlando FL
With: Formaldehydra, Ootheca

March 29 – Jacksonville FL

March 30 – ATHICA (Institute for Contemporary Art); Athens GA
With: Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Grant Evans, Wet Garden

March 31 – Nightlight; Chapel Hill NC
With: CFVSIII, Governance, Housefire

April 1 – Chicken Kaos Private Prison; Richmond VA
With: A.S.D., Dyrt, Rural Tourniquet, Xenojothsz

April 2 – The Bank; Baltimore MD

April 3 – Dustbunny; Philadelphia PA
With: Gene Pick, Coteries, Pak, Slow Tongued Beauty

April 6 – Secret Project Robot; New York NY
Ende Tymes Festival
With: Mike Sidnam, John Gross, Coagulative Necrosis, J Surak, Ikue Mori & Charmaine Lee, SICKNESS, Sterile Garden, Raven Chacon & Laura Ortman, January Hunt, The Haters, Puce Mary, Ex-Jesus, Form Hunter, Skin Graft, Shredded Nerve

April 10 – The State House; New Haven CT
With: OMEI, Tongue Depressor

April 11 – Psychic Readings; Providence RI
With: Purism, Tinnitustimulus, Sects

April 12 – Zero Station; Portland ME
With: Sterile Garden, Patrick Carey

April 13 – Cambridge Elks Lodge; Cambridge MA
With: Max Noi Mach, Universal Cell Unlock, Network Glass, Isolde Touch, Dream Surgery

April 14 – Sugar City; Buffalo NY

April 15 – Collision; Pittsburgh PA
With: Deterge + Black Leather Jesus, W00dy, Charmaine’s Names

April 16 – Hive Mind; Akron OH
With: Parabola, Serrated Slump

April 17 – Tympanum; Warren MI
With: Sung Water, Cultural Fog

April 18 – The House Where I Died; Grand Rapids MI
With: Plagues, Paranoid Time

April 19 – The Hideout; Chicago IL
With: ONO, Nude Attitude

April 20 – William A. Kerr Foundation; St. Louis MO
With: Nadir Smith, Iron Bars

April 21 – Artemisia Studios; Memphis TN

April 22 – The Spot; Chattanooga TN
With: Tryezz, Dixon III, Mr. Strawberry

April 23 – Nashville TN

April 24 – Torn Light; Cincinnati OH

April 25 – I Fell; Bloomington IN
With: Disconnector, Psychic Eminence

April 26 – Brinn Labs; Milwaukee WI
With: Peter J. Woods, Kingston Family Singers

April 27 – The Jazz Gallery Center For The Arts; Milwaukee WI
Nephila Workshop
With: Vasculae, C. Olivia Valenza, Eli Smith

April 28 – Eagles 34; Minneapolis MN

April 30 – Seagrave Studios; Fargo ND
With: Luer, Sword of Kahless, Soell, Viator, Edwin Perry Manchester

May 1 – Midtown Art; Omaha NE
With: CBN, Dirty Fur

May 2 – Kansas City MO

May 4 – Tulsa OK
Tulsa Noise Fest

May 5 – Kirby’s Beer Store; Wichita KS

May 6 – Syntax Physic Opera; Denver CO
With: entrancer, Anime Love Hotel, Sunk Cost

May 7 – Diabolical Records; Salt Lake City UT

May 10 – LoFi; Seattle WA

May 11 – Cryptatropa; Olympia WA
With: Geist & the Sacred Ensemble, Entrail

May 12 – Azoth; Portland OR
With: Daniel Menche, Flysch, Sleeping With The Earth

May 14 – Richard’s Goat Tavern & Tea Room; Arcata CA
With: Car Made of Glass, Arugula, Goruta

May 15 – Oakland CA

May 16 – Chewing Foil; Los Angeles CA
With: Horoscope, JH1.FS3, Andorkappen

Buy Dyers’ Hands Here

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