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Hopeless Holocene: Premiering an Extinction-Level Event with a New Video from Gridfailure, “Post-Attack Habitat”

If you’ve been a music journalist in the last decade and your work bordered anywhere near the metal genre, chances are you’ve come across Dave Brenner (otherwise lovingly referred to as “that Earsplit guy”).  Many would be surprised to learn then that Brenner’s primary artistic outlet is actually buried in the industrial genre with Gridfailure. You may have already come across his work in splits with Never Presence Forever or Megalophobe, but if you’re finding yourself interacting with Gridfailure for the first time here, you’re in for a treat.  Brenner is increasingly working in the realm of high tension, and this new video is another step in that increasingly blossoming direction.  Something about “Post-Attack Habitat” has a nineties-throwback feel to it, probably nestled somewhere between the fish-eye lens and the high-tempo overstimulation of apocalyptic visions a la Pearl Jam‘s iconic video for “Do the Evolution” (just, you know, not fucking Pearl Jam or animated).  Brenner elaborates on the track and series of releases that birthed it:

Gridfailure \ Credit: Bryan Lautz


“Within the Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery series, there are five albums. The first three albums are directly under the Sixth Mass-Extinction Skulduggery name—parts I, II, and III. They depict what is currently underway with our environment and society, and what is to come in the very near future. The final two albums, Teeth Collection and Drought Stick, are in the aftermath of those days; cannibalism, organ dealers, disease, scorched nothingness. ‘Post-Attack Habitat’ is in that former category: now and the near future. It embodies the terror in our surroundings following an international nuclear incident amidst ecological collapse—lands where civil uprising and society unraveling are all that transpires in all habitable communities which remain. The planet mercilessly consumes our species in retaliation for our crimes; humans begin to murder for sport and eventually consume one another. Survivors burrow into deserted landscapes, and as resources are depleted, so are morals.

“I perform bass, acoustic, and electric guitars, xylophone, acoustic, and digital percussion, along with acres of effects with field recordings infused into the entire track, as with virtually the entire SMES series. My lost companion Spencer’s wails are heard deep in the mix. I went heavy experimenting with an octave pedal, layering vocals at higher pitches, giving voice to the millions of other soon-to-be-depleted souls in this carnage as we watch it unfold around us. Calling it a prophecy or a vision is ignorant at this point. It’s more like a preview of what’s about to transpire.”

Blowing your mind?  Catch Brenner & Co. on tour this weekend or this May:

3/17/2019 The Cobra Club – Brooklyn, NY w/ Naruth [info]
Springtime In The Abyss Pt. 2 w/ Zud:
5/01/2019 The Bungalow Bar & Grill – Manchester, NH
5/02/2019 Tubby’s – Kingston, NY
5/03/2019 J. B. Lovedraft’s Micropub – Harrisburg, PA w/ Voarm
5/04/2019 Atlas Brew Works – Washington, DC w/ Voarm, Radamanthys [info]


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