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Current 93: Invocations of Almost LP, CD, Screen-Print, T-Shirt – & Forthcoming LP & Art-Edition LP

Invocation of Almost - The Art of David Tibet


Invocations of Almost LP, CD, Screen-Print, T-Shirt – & Forthcoming LP & Art-Edition LP

Due to David’s being away in California for his art exhibition, none of the items below will be sent out until mid-March, as David will have to title and sign the screen-prints, and approve the other items. All these releases are in press and here very soon, but all of them are arriving whilst he is away…

On David’s return, he and we will be going through the DT and C93 archives to take out the remaining copies of some of the signed and numbered TP editions of such albums as The Light is Leaving Us AllThe Moons At Your Door 3LP edition, and The Stars on Their Horsies, and many other AlmostGoneForEver items, such as the small number of David’s book Sing Omega, and OutIfPrint totes and t-shirts and whatever else is found up in the attic and down in the archive and over in the studio and under the bed, and put them up on the shop.

C93 have dreamt a new album, Invocations of Almost, using music from her FuturePast and her PastFuture, to accompany David’s art exhibition, Invocation of Almost, which opens on March 9 at The Begovich Gallery, Fullerton, CA.

Details of the exhibition can be found here and here. Some of the paintings being exhibited can be found here.

Most of the works on display will be available for purchase from The Henry Boxer Gallery and from David Tibet; there will be a separate update about this in the near future.

The CD version of Invocations of Almost is 59-minutes long, as it is launched on David’s 59th BirthDay, March 5, whilst he is in LA for the official opening of his show on March 9.

There will also be a vinyl LP edition, which sings a slightly shorter version, mixed specifically for the 12”, as well a limited art-edition of Invocations of Almost, with each copy including an original painted photograph from David’s series The Light is Leaving Us All, four pieces from which are used as the front and back images for the albums The Light is Leaving Us All and Invocations of Almost.

This item will be added to the shop when the vinyl has been received, and David has finished all of the sleeves for the special edition.

The music on Invocations of Almost will be played on a continual loop in The Begovich Gallery whilst the exhibition is open.

A t-shirt and a tote have also been created, as well as a signed and numbered screen-printed edition of the painting Pazūzu Overshadows Children Singing in Hell, the original of which is on display at The Begovich Gallery.

Details about, and links at which one obtain, these new items are below.

Invocations of Almost  CD

The 59-minute long soundtrack and installation SONG for David’s exhibition at The Begovich Gallery.

It is presented in a single mini-LP CD sleeve, and the sleeve has no text whatsoever apart from the title, C93’s name, and the label’s name with its catalogue number.

BUY | £9 + P&P

Invocations of Almost Signed, Titled and Numbered Screen-Print 

Pazūzu Overshadows Children Singing in Hell

David’s painting is screen-printed in two shades of red, and black, on a black cotton twill—a fabric which has diagonal vertical ribs, like a black denim.

The twill measures 19 1/4 x 14 inches (49 x 35.5 cm), and the image itself measures 16 3/4 x 11 3/4 inches (42.5 x 30 cm).

Each piece is hand-titled by David at the bottom, and also signed by him.

The edition is of 111 copies, and it is also numbered on the back and again signed on the back by David.

A different version of this painting has been used for the large poster advertising the exhibition outside The Begovich Gallery, which is shown at the top of this update.

BUY | £44 + P&P

Invocations of Almost T-Shirt



Printed on a 100% combed organic cotton DarkRed t-shirt. The Woman’s Eyes and EyeStreams are luminous and the bottom of the image reproduces the title for the new C93 INVOCATIONS OF ALMOST album and his signature. Screen-printed by St. Patty at HeavyRock Screen-printing, as is all of our screen-printed material. The t-shirt is in UniSex style and comes in S, M, L, XL.

BUY | £25 + P&P

Invocations of Almost Slinky Sling-Bag 


Screen-printed on a MelangeRed SlingBag—David’s favourite!—and made from a blend of recycled organic cotton and recycled post-consumer polyester.

The reverse side of the tote carries reproductions, in David’s HandWriting, of the title of his art exhibition Invocations of Almost , as well as of his signature.

Screen-printed by St. Patty at HeavyRock Screen-printing.

BUY | £15 + P&P

The Light is Leaving Us All Baby-Pink Night-Shirt & Night-Dress For Girls and Boys 

The Light is Leaving Us All Baby-Pink Night-Shirt & Night-Dress For Girls and Boys 

Only a small number of these BabyPink NightShirtDresses are available. The Young Girl’s Eyes and EyeStreams are LUMINOUS.

They come in XL FemaleSize only, and are what David and Ania usually wear in bed. So you TOO can Glow In The Night, In The Dark.

They are VeryHot and VeryCute and… VeryPink!

BUY | £25 + P&P

Nature Unveiled 2LP Lathe Edition – Finished and Shipped At Last!

Nature Unveiled 2LP Lathe Edition

All copies of the Nature Unveiled 2LP Art Edition have been sent out.  The last 7 copies, which have been taken  off the shop until David had finished them all, are available.

BUY | £169 + P&P