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Exclusive: Feast Your Eyes and Ears on “The Weight” the New Video from Consumer Electronics

It couldn’t be… Could it? Is the adored first couple of power electronics, Philip Best and Sarah Froelich, better known as Consumer Electronics, covering The Band?

Well, no. And yes, sort of. “The Weight”, one side of a 7″ single released at the tail end of last year, is clearly inspired by that well-known song but it is far more imaginative than a simple cover. This is a twenty-first-century reimagining that replaces the southern country-rock twang with the vitriolic dynamism for which Consumer Electronics is known. By turning a relic on its head, they have created something that, in the words of lyricist Best:

“In its modest fashion… memorializes the Jane and John Does of North America, unknown but not forgotten.”

Today, the band and artist DFM have released the video for “The Weight”. It’s a visual companion to the track, contrasting objectification and identification, the ordinary with the sometimes unsettling extraordinary.

There are a few copies of the 7″ left via Cargo Records and Forced Exposure but there is more to come from Consumer Electronics. Airless Space, a new double album, is due out soon through Harbinger Records/ Cargo.

Consumer Electronics

F Squared Media/ DFM