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Death by Techno: 138, Draugr, and Fuerr Converge to Remix Interferon on New EP “Fraud”

Sean Conner | Credit: Collins Laatsch

What do you get when L.A. techno duo 138 (lovingly otherwise referred to in some circles as one-thirty-hate) combine with French producer Draugr (Axel Fesancieux) and Fuerr to take on the work Interferon? Madness. You get fucking madness. Columbus, OH-based Sean Conner announced the forthcoming three-track EP Fraud earlier today, presumably with each remix artist getting their own track and individual chance to unwind and reconstruct his work under the helm of Interferon. Fraud is slated to be released digitally through Parisian netlabel Wrongnotes with artwork from their longtime collaborator Robert Hruska, with the current official timeframe for release being three weeks out. Conner defines Interferon as “aggressive techno / broken beat with more of a punk ethic intended for filthy basements or gothic forest mosh pits” and has worked in the past with both Mindcut Records and Apothecary Compositions. We’ll keep you informed, but for now enjoy his track “Bladebox”:


Interferon | 138 | Draugr | Fuerr