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Cause for Concern: Days After Iron Fist of the Sun Calls It Quits, Sutcliffe Jügend Follows Suit

It appears that we may be nearing some sort of unseen precipice in post-industrial music as two of Britain’s most celebrated have hung up their contact mics just days apart from each other. While Lee Howard recently said adieu to Iron Fist of the Sun as detailed here on Friday, this morning Kevin Tomkins announced the unexpected but apparently internally long-considered end of Sutcliffe Jügend:

“It is with great sadness I bring the news that Sutcliffe Jugend are no more. It’s been coming for over a year, but came to a head over the December/January period. A combination of medical, personal, and commitment reasons have contributed. I can no longer perform the louder material due to a medical condition. Also I had nothing left to say under the name Sutcliffe Jugend. To continue would not be honest. We have never played to the gallery, we will not continue for the sake of it. It has to be all or nothing. Sutcliffe Jugend had run our course. A full announcement will follow elsewhere. Thanks to everyone for their support and friendship. It’s been a blast.”

This announcement brings to a close a thirty-seven-year career (though spotted by lengthy periods of dormancy in the eighties and nineties) that spanned across respected and small imprints alike, including Cold Spring, Crucial Blast, Death Factory (a Cold Meat Industry sublabel), Hospital Productions, and most recently a more stable home on Death Continues Records.Paired with other near closures detailed in the recent Annihilvs Power Electronix release announcements, the news of these losses points to less vibrant days ahead for contemporary industrial music. We can only recommend avoiding apathy in the face of your favorite artists, because that’s the only thing that’s going to stop the bleeding. You can start by picking up Sutcliffe Jügend’s most recent album, The Hunger from Death Continues Records here.

Sutcliffe Jügend

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