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Power Electronics Luminary Lee Howard Announces an End to Iron Fist of the Sun

It’s been a long road for Birmingham, UK-native Lee Howard and the wholly unique aesthetic that he carried with his sole artistic focus, Iron Fist of the Sun, but it appears that the path he’s been venturing down since 2006 is nearing its end. Elaborating on Facebook about his decision and ending on a nod to his now-prophetic final album on Unrest Productions, Family Survival Strategy, Howard states:

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the project over the years.
The next three shows will be the last of the project.

A dramatic shift (in) my personal life, being a (single) dad and sudden growth of my business has (meant) creating music (is) practically impossible.
It’s best I exit now with my head held high than limp about like a chancer.


“Faimly survival at all costs”

As he states, Iron Fist of the Sun will finish up with shows in Oakland, Brighton, and London. Up next is the first year for industrial festival Industrial Aktions at the end of the month, a two-day event founded and curated by Syzmic Records owner Jeremy Crawford and headlined by Iron Fist of the Sun and Brighter Death Now. If you can, be sure to be there. Otherwise, at least make sure to reach out to Howard before the end to let him know what his music has meant to you.

Iron Fist of the Sun

Cold Spring | Unrest Productions | Freak Animal

Photo Credit:  Martin Ward