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Annihilvs Prepares to Celebrate 22 Years of Antisocial Media with Brutalism, Telladictorian, Bob Bellerue, and Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries


God damn, that’s a long time. Few labels can boast of having reached the quarter-century mark, and while Annihilvs Power Electronix is certainly on its way to that glorious achievement. The percentage of those that have managed to remain underground dwellers over the years is, to be generous, minuscule.

Indeed fellow North American visionary imprint Malignant Records shocked us all last fall by announcing the possibility of a coming end to their spectacular run of high-quality, and even more highly influential offerings.

It thankfully only took a couple of weeks for Jason Mantis to snap out of his burnout fatigue and ensure his following that the show would go on into this, his 25th year, and thank fuck for that because a post-industrial world without that imprint is teetering on the edge of nonexistence as a whole.

It’s clear that changes are afoot all around, however, as Ant-Zen demonstrated to us also last year by announcing the end of their physical presence on the market.

Though they’ll continue their supremacy in all that’s left of the rhythmic noise sector while outliving so many of the imprints they undoubtedly influenced in a post-Tympanik Audio and post-Hive Records world.

One can’t help but feel that Annihilvs’s recent apparel declaration that “THE INTERNET RUINED MUSIC” isn’t just apt—it’s feeling damn near prophetic.

Thankfully, besides leading the charge in reminding us of the doom of music, Annihilvs continues to be something of an “ol’ faithful” in industrial music, dropping quality releases from Bonedust, Kintaan, and Theologian last year while also introducing their following to a reissue from the vintage horror-driven aesthetic of Spettro Family through a reissue of Rio Lapis.

If you thought that 2019 would see the discontinuation of that tradition, well, you’re wrong. Here’s what’s coming up to start the year for Lee Bartow & Co…

Telladictorian – Painpudding

For the better part of the last decade, multi-disciplinary artist Nikki Telladictorian worked as one-half of Pittsburgh-based industrial act Prometheus Burning, who released a series of increasingly fantastic albums ranging in style from hard-hitting rhythmic powernoise to retro electro-industrial inspired by late-eighties/early-nineties Wax Trax!-era dance music.

With the impending dissolution of Prometheus Burning becoming apparent in 2014, Telladictorian had already begun working on solo material, which ultimately became this release.

As she says herself, “The Painpudding EP is the result of one live session, with all content being improvised in the moment. Hail to the dark dreams that become reality.”

This release has been in the works for nearly five years, and 2019 sees it finally realized with a beautiful layout from Derek Rush and expert audio mastering by J. Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses.

Later in 2019, Annihilvs will release the debut full-length album from Telladictorian, produced in collaboration with Theologian.

Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries – Survival Bloom

Annihilvs’s previous release from Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries, Even Spilled Seed Crawls Toward the Womb, remains a favorite, and the October 2017 split with Wet Nurse. from Malignant Records is an unyielding masterpiece.

This time around, Noah Lane Coleman (Sol Y Nieve) eschews the ominous distorted tones of earlier material, in deference to a more minimal, martial approach.

Scrap metal and the strains of majestic horns open the album, heralding the approach of some unbearable tribulation. Colossal bombast and searing feedback serve as a fitting theme for mankind’s march toward inevitability.

Brutalism – The Charged Void

The debut full-length album from Terence Hannum‘s new atmospheric black metal project follows the Symmetry Death limited 7-inch lathe from Anathemata Editions.

Brutalism is at once harsh and meditative, distorted and expansive.

This professionally manufactured CD-R is released in conjunction with a cassette edition from Cloister Recordings.

“Deterritorialization. Intimate Brutality at the very moment of participation in surrounding nature.”

Bob Bellerue – Ascetic Addict

A new cassette release from Bob Bellerue (Kilt, Blessed Thistle, Halfnormal), Ascetic Addict is a dense storm of intense sound recorded in a small room with big amps.

The tape features two movements of relentless feedback brutality and unyielding drone, resulting in a wicked juxtaposition of antithetical sensory experiences.

Also coming later this year from Annihilvs will be new releases from Gyna Bootleg & LVMMVX, Terror Apart, Vvltvre, and likely more. Keep your eyes open, but for now support the new releases explored above by visiting the label here:

Annihilvs Power Electronix