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Nordic Folk on The Way From Fedrespor

Fra en Vugge i Fjellet” – “from a cradle in the mountains” – is the second album of Norway’s Fedrespor.

It is the singular vision of sonic outdoorsman Varg Torden Saastad, from the outback of Telemark.

An expression for nostalgia, the pain of remembrance, yet ever moving forward, draped in an air of timelessness.

The sounds and timbres resounding through “Fra en Vugge i Fjellet” are a melange of archaic and contemporary instruments; from the primitive percussion of birch-wood and chestnuts to digital synthesizers via traditional Norwegian horns, drums, harps and lyres.

All flowing together into a poetic whole.


The harmonies and techniques of Fedrespor hark back to diverse sources such as the pastoral hymns of Popol Vuh and Mike Oldfield, the magnificent Ildjarn-Nidhogg. and the sombre and yearning pomp of the Neofolk genre, converging in a unity imbued in rustic, frost encased swathes of dreamlike nostalgia.

The Janus-faced works of Fedrespor reminisce of the days of yore but also gazes forward.

Leading the project to higher grounds than your contemporary superficially Norse-themed ethno-ambient.

Fra en vugge i fjellet” is an evocative journey, not just through the northern wildernesses but into the forlorn wilderness of the heart and memories of humankind.

Nordvis and Fedrespor

The collaboration between Fedrespor and Nordvis further shows how they always strive to step away from a genre bound community, and instead promote and embrace different creative expressions.

And so we have Fedrespor; the manifestation of the insatiable grief that has gnawed away at creator Varg Torden Saastad since the passing of his brother.

Varg Torden Saastad

We humans are merely a speck of light seen through a vast telescope, through which the past, the present and the future are but one.

As is the philosophy so is the music – a timeless expression of not only loss, but also of understanding.