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Phage Tapes Gets Aggressively Political with New Releases from Koufar, Compactor, Axebreaker, Terror Cell Unit, Support Unit, and More

Yeah, you read that right. The day after we announce the debut of Mack Chami‘s side project God Is War on Danvers State Recordings, we bring news of an epic tape haul from Phage Tapes that includes new works from Chami’s other two primary projects Koufar and Terror Cell Unit. Given the legendary back-catalog of this Minneapolis underground goliath, however, you should hardly be surprised at the quality of the artists presented here, though the strong political bent of the collection may pique your curiosity. With eight new releases, we hope you worked some overtime this week.

Koufar – 1(7)8(7)6(7)0 (c35)


The year was 1860 and in Lebanon there was a peasant uprising of Marionite priests against the Druze, which led to the massacre in Damascus. In total, it has been reported that 20,000 Christians were killed in the revolt.

Terror Cell Unit – Come and Test Christ (c50)

Come and Test Christ

Seven tracks of brooding synth and aggressive vocals from power electronics masters Terror Cell Unit.

Each tape comes in a norelco with a TCU logo sticker and has five covers depicting various pieces of shit that are in the crosshairs of the TCU (Tony Alamo, Dwight York, Jeffery Don Lundgren, Jung Seok, and Yahweh Ben Yahweh).

Compactor – Total Data Control (c40)

Total Data Control

Total Data Control is a forty-minute album that turns the lens and microphone around on surveillance capitalism, the commodification of consumer information. The cover art was created from the actual code for an open-platform video surveillance program. Each of the eight tracks point to a different aspect of how ubiquitous these practices have become in society, especially since the increasing shift towards everything being done online.

Axebreaker – Brutality in Stone (CD)

Brutality in Stone

Axebreaker is a new left-leaning power electronics project from Terence Hannum of Locrian fame with prior releases to be found on Anathemata Editions (Hannum’s own private imprint), Jouissance Du Rien (NOLA-local imprint from Thomas Boettner of Straight Panic), and Primal Architecture Records (another NOLA-local imprint helmed by Vaura‘s Joshua Strawn).

Shallow Waters – Sleepwalkers (CD)


Shallow Waters was a political power electronics project mainly made up of Jeff Plummer (Immaculate:Grotesque and Creeping) and Rob Hill (Em Dath Rir) active for roughly 4-5 years. They self-released six tapes and Hospital Productions released their pivotal LP Equal Eyes.

Sleepwalkers was originally slated for release shortly after it was recorded in 2009, but the project disbanded and the album never saw a proper release until now. Remastered by Kris Lapke, Sleepwalkers came out sounding amazingly aggressive.

You will not be disappointed.

Support Unit – Cabinda Front (c40)

Cabinda Front

Support Unit is strict HNW from the barren wasteland of North Dakota.

This tape examines the Democratic Front of Cabinda, a guerilla and political movement fighting for the independence of the providence of Cabinda which is located between Congo and Zaire.

Cabinda Front was originally released on Contradiction Tapes in a limited quantity.

Licking Wounds – Licking Wounds (c22)

Licking Wounds

Licking Wounds is a visceral truthful testimony recounting fears and frustrations when dealing with past traumas.

The project is made up of Ritual Chair on vocals and Bonemagic doing electronics.

This is their debut release and contains two vocal-heavy tracks with some very personal lyrics.

Cut Unconscious – Document 2 (c38)

Document 2

This is the second release by Cut Unconscious on Phage Tapes. This tape has less of a power electronics and techno influence, instead opting for more of a dark rhythmic industrial atmosphere.

The progression between the two tapes is striking and shows this artist’s versatility and his ability to comprehend what is needed to mix different styles and make something uniquely his own.

Phage Tapes