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Gorgeous New 7″ Split Now Available from North American Dark Folk Projects Horse Cult and Green Elder

If you woke up this morning, rolled over and said to your cat, “You know, Noodle, 2018 was an absurdly quiet year for dark folk,” you wouldn’t have been wrong, especially when it comes to Horse Cult and Green Elder.

Paul Ravenwood | Green Elder

Despite being two of North America’s most celebrated current carriers of the dark-folk flame, though from opposite sides of the country and influenced by different mountain traditions, 2018 was a black-out year for releases from both artists.  The long wait may have been worth it, however, as a new 7″ has come to light containing a single, five-minute tasty morsel from each.  Conjuring memories of Disques de Lapin‘s underrated and often mischievously anthropomorphic catalog, the giant vengeful Bigwig-esque bunny on the front cover (illustrated by the talented Miranda L. Tarrow) leaves little question as to the environmental roots of both projects.

Horse Cult

This untitled split is available on an assortment of beautiful randomly colored vinyl. Mastered by John Fleenor at Appalachian Media Works, with design layout by Stephen Wilson.

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