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Coming in January on Glacial Movements ‘The Journey’ by FRAME

FRAME is a project started in 1992 by Eugenio Vatta and Andrea Benedetti with the idea to re-create the atmosphere of a movie theater in a musical show.

As happened during the days of silent films with orchestras playing in real time during the movies, the FRAME project had the aim to follow with electronic instruments, the evolution of a movie, specifically assembled for the show.

This happened in real time following few guidelines and with a lot of improvisation in order to donate to the electronic instruments a more human interaction dimension.

Samplers, allow us to record in real time external sounds and synchronize them with the images.

These sounds, even if coming from acoustic sources, were manipulated in order to be suggestive and more interesting. Then noises and spoken words are used to guide and distract the sensations of the listeners.

To involve more and more the public, FRAME used a quadraphonic sound system, even… behind the public, expanding the spatiality of sound.

In this way, the public is involved with the union of images and music typical of cinema and, at the same time, with the physicality of a live concert.

FRAME create something between cinema and a concert; a sort of live soundtrack: humanity and technology in communication.

A new kind of show, every time different from the previous one that was shown at festivals and concerts in Rome, Viterbo, Rieti, Brussels and Zurich.

Over the years, Eugenio Vatta and Andrea Benedetti have recorded a lot of material as Frame that they thought to edit for this record project specifically made for Glacial Movements.

The Journey‘ is composed of ten soundscapes that focus on silence. In fact according to the artists, silence in glacial environments and in space are very similar, both in a figurative sense and in terms of perception.


Eugenio Vatta began his musical career by studying guitar and then turned his attention to piano.

Thanks to the availability of low-cost electronic instruments, he became interested in the study of synthesizers and electronic keyboards in general.

In 1989 he opened his own recording studio with Andrea Benedetti, which allowed him to develop a good interaction with electronic instruments for the creation, recording and manipulation of sounds.

He has collaborated with Gavin Bryars for the project ‘Sinking of the Titanic‘ with Scanner and William Basinski at Venice Biennale, with Matmos and Pansonic, Philip Jeck during a European tour.

Alvin Lucier in ‘I’m sitting in the room‘, Terry Riley in ‘IN C‘ and other  important artists of contemporary and electronic music. He also  writes music for movies and orchestra recordings.

Andrea Benedetti began his musical activity as a DJ in the early 80s working in clubs and radio stations in Rome. His interest in production was kindled in the late 1980s with the purchase of his first synthesizer.

In 1990 he created a recording studio together with Eugenio Vatta. Together they refined their technical and musical skills.

Starting to lay the foundations for the development of their own personal sound that will blur in separate productions, but also in collaboration under the pseudonym FRAME.

In the same year, he collaborated with the first Italian experimental techno label, SNS (Sounds Never Seen) of the DJ / Roman musician Lory D.

After some releases on Roman electronic techno-labels such as Sysmo and Mystic, in 1993 he created his label Plasmek with which he developed his own musical ideas more and succeeds in giving room to other electronic producers in Rome.

Always interested in spreading theories and news about electronic music, he has started working as a speaker on several Roman radio stations and writing for magazines (Under One Sky – New York, EAR – Strasbourg, Freestyler – Zurich).