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Descended From Odin: The Jorvik Take Over

Sponsored by Descended From Odin, this event will be NYTT LAND‘s exclusive debut UK performance, they will be supporting Myrkur at York Barbican as part of 35th JORVIK Viking Festival on the Twenty-first of February, 2019 for an evening of Norse folk sagas.

Descended From Odin: The Jorvik Take Over

Joined by world class musicians, Danish artist Myrkur will bring her incredible ‘Folkesange’ set to headline the York Barbican for an evening of Norse inspired folk music and story telling.

Descended from Odin

With support from NYTT LAND and presented by Sean Parry of Sacred Knott Tattoo.

As a skald Sean will weave tales of norse sagas and stories as we go from the ritual sounds of Nytt Land, inspired by northern nature and culture, through to the captivating and ethereal tones of Myrkur: Folkesange

The event is Feb 21st during the 2019 Jorvik Viking Festival which is also being sponsored by Descended from Odin.