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“Loner Folk” Artist Footpaths Releases Digital-Only Album “Marble Acres”

Jon Rosenthal (ex-Eitarnora, ex-Venowl) is at it again with his sad-folk vibes, this time inviting Matt Finney (known for his work in It Only Gets Worse with Gnaw Their Tongues‘s Maurice De Jong) along for the journey for his talents in the field of spoken word.  An album six years in the making and left unfinished, Marble Acres is composed of death songs based on localities whose individual importance is left unstated.  With further elaboration from Rosenthal, Marble Acres came into being because,

“I decided to stop making abstract music and try something more concrete and… I don’t know… legitimate? I’m not sure if it worked, and I released the album out of frustration instead of actually ‘finishing’ it, hence the raw version of Ingham, NE, which I think kind of works in its current state. Maybe I’ll re-record it for something else.

As to whether Rosenthal actually succeeded in working his compositional magic into a more legitimate final piece of unfinished art (surely a paradox in its own right if so), we’ll let you decide!

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