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Exclusive: Hear “Abstratio Diaboli” from the Mysterious Entity known as Clavicvla

What can we tell you about the Italian one-man outfit Clavicvla? Almost nothing. Even his label, the formidable Sentient Ruin Laboratories knows precious little about the person behind the black wall. Known as Ittiel, the artist’s background is in black metal but he has recently shifted his focus into the world of dark ambient music. The resulting album, Sermons, is a document both of his arrival at a new sound and his harrowing journey there. Even the fine folks of Sentient Ruin, no strangers to darkness, were quite astonished by the results, describing the project as

the artist’s moral, spiritual, corporeal, and human dissolution, and his transition from his initial artistic earthly form into immaterial and full-fledged abstract horror, to mirror the newly acquired reflection of himself – the transition itself triggered by Ittiel’s morbid and sanity-defying fascination with satanism, acosmism, and the cult of death. Clavicvla as such was formed as a ritual vessel, to disintegrate and transition Ittiel’s physical existence itself from the corporal world to pure dread and emptiness. Ittiel has stated that he puts together the sounds of Clavicvla to dismantle and annihilate his corporal self in an attempt to embrace, and become one with, the absolute void, and break the endless loop of life and death by instead derailing existence into senseless chaos and entropy. As such Clavicvla is for Ittiel liberation of consciousness, to assume his true and perceived form, bound by nothing and shaped solely by his own unbeing.

Sermons is a great nullifying force, recalling the smothering darkness of Lustmord and Inade, and the angst-ridden miasma of Trepaneringsritualen. Contrary to the approaches of others, Ittiel’s apocalypse is as cold as the remote reaches of space. Its destruction is the destruction that comes to all things with time, against whose power we are nothing.

The album will be unleashed on November 23rd, however, we have a special preview today of the track “Abstratio Diaboli”.

There will be two physical manifestations of Sermons:

A black vinyl version housed in a custom fold-over cover with insert, silkscreened with metallic gold and silver heavy charcoal black cardstock. This is a limited edition of 200 and comes with a download code.

A cassette version with a custom j-card silkscreened with metallic gold and silver heavy charcoal black cardstock. The case is housed in a custom silkscreened slipcase also printed with silver and gold. The inside features a storm of Satanic writing. There will be only 100 cassettes made and they will be available exclusively on the Sentient Ruin website.

Sentient Ruin Laboratories | Facebook

Clavicvla | Soundcloud