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Exclusive: Hear “Via Nocturna”, the New Album by Night Profound

The process of recording Via Nocturna, the second release from Night Profound, is the sort of thing that is almost assured to yield a creative apotheosis. In November 2014, the band boarded a  boat and headed for the windswept shores of a nearly abandoned island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. When they arrived, they set up in the wooden carcass of a church and consecrated it as their own Temple of the Black Serpent.

They recorded in this isolated space for thirteen hours and Via Nocturna is the child of their labour. They began by recording some standard elements- guitars and drums- but as the night progressed and members moved beyond the constraints of mundane consciousness, they found the music they produced reflected that shift and became a projection of their collective unconscious. The band describes the album as “the aural result of a wayward journey into the abyss”.

The album moves from the plaintive melodies that are the markers of neofolk to something more chthonic and unsettling.

We’re very pleased to be able to give you a first listen to Via Nocturna here today as a complement to our forthcoming feature on the band.

The final recording is made up entirely and only of what was produced in the church during those thirteen hours: although layering and overdubbing were added during the mastering process, there is nothing extraneous.

Via Nocturna is available now as a digital downland through the Night Profound Bandcamp page. and on vinyl LP through Belgium’s Neuropa Records.

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