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‘Of Cosmogonic Eros’ by Ludwig Klages Available for Pre-order From Theion Publishing

Of Cosmogonic Eros

Theion Publishing is proud to release their first-ever English translation of one of the most important metaphysical works of the 20th century: Of Cosmogonic Eros by the German Pagan philosopher and Gnostic Ludwig Klages.

This monograph is dedicated entirely to an in-depth examination of the nature of Eros and states of ecstasies as they relate to a Gnostic return to primordial states of experience.

Here Klages presents a pandaemonic vision of becoming which is inextricably linked to an Eros whose elemental power shatters everyday consciousness and mates the individual to the secrets of the cosmos.

The author seeks to restore Eros to his true status and function by carefully distilling his essence against all falsifications and distortions.

Showing how Eros is related to Thanatos and integral to every true cultus of the dead and ancestral worship, Klages leaves no doubt that only the Eroto-Gnostic holds the keys to authentic Life and the daemonic empowerment of the Cosmos.

Of Cosmogonic Eros is an indispensable work for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of Eros and ecstasies and the metaphysical conflicts we face in modern times.

For researchers and practitioners of sexual esoteric mysteries and Eroto-Gnostic systems of attainment this book must be considered a treasure chest of insights and knowledge. It is a true rune of an Eros of whom Klages says that

“He can be roused while awake as if in the most stupefying dream. He celebrates his orgies beneath the breeze of spring storms, in the light of a star-studded heaven, in a hailstone shower, on a flaming mountain ridge, in the raging surf, in the lightning flash of “first love”, but not least in the embrace of fate that smites its carrier.”

Of Cosmogonic Eros greatly impressed and influenced thinkers and artists like Walter Benjamin and Alfred Kubin but also German esoteric circles and literaries such as the great Hermann Hesse who wrote that in this book “the nearly unutterable has been forged into words”.

Spiritual teachers like the Tibetan Buddhist Anagarika Govinda and occult masters like David Beth received important impulses from this empowering work.

This first English edition of Of Cosmogonic Eros will also feature a substantial contextualized introduction by Professor Paul Bishop of the University of Glasgow and an essay by Sudarśanavajra (Dr. Volker Zotz), the spiritual successor of Lama Anagarika Govinda and Mandalacarya of the Arya Maitreya Mandala Order of Tantric Buddhism, entitled “The almost inexpressible became word.” – The Reception of the Cosmogonic Eros in German Culture. 

The Auric ‘deluxe’ edition will include an exclusive booklet with an essay by David Beth entitled “Katabasis and Eroto-Gnosis: A short consideration.”

Bibliographic details:

  • >240 pages, 165×235 mm.
  • printed on wood-free high quality paper (115gsm).
  • b/w illustrations and photo reproduction.
  • Surbalin endpapers.

Auric Edition (Pre-order)

  • fully hand-bound in antique-bordeaux leather.
  • raised bands, front embossing, lettering on spine, ribbon, headbands, solid slipcase.
  • Includes a booklet with an essay by David Beth entitled “Katabasis and Eroto-Gnosis: A short consideration.” This piece was composed exclusively for this publication and will be signed by the author.
  • Limited to 54 hand-numbered copies only.

Cloth Hardcover Edition (Pre-order)

  • Bound in cosmic-blue fine cloth.
  • front embossing, lettering on spine, headbands.
  • Limited to 745 copies only.

Shipping of the cloth hardcover copies is expected for late January 2019. The auric copies will ship a few weeks later.


Of Cosmogonic Eros (pre-order)