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Poet and musician Jason O’Toole joins Raul Antony to talk about Spear of Stars, his latest collection of poetry released by The Red Salon. Topics include Jason’s history in the NY hardcore scene in the band Life’s Blood, his background as a detective, his interest in neofolk and industrial music, runes and symbolism, and more.

Dwid Hellion – Rags (Jason O’Toole)
Herr Lounge Corps & Cadaverous Condition – In June, As I Killed Time
Nature & Organisation – Bloodstreamruns

Spear of Stars“Riveting and poignant, this is a searingly personal collection of poems about the infinite black and white moments that make up a life.” Miro Snejdr, Herr Lounge Corps & Death in June

“Jason O’Toole has deftly sculpted into form a collection of poems both magical in essence and haunting in effect.”
Robert N. Taylor, author of Remnants of a Season

“History, myth and the never-ending mystery of creation resonate in every finely crafted line from Spear of Stars. Transit umbra, lux permanent!” Freddy Alva, author of Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore

Cover art: “The Greater Keys of Solomon 42” by Robert Joseph Barry.
Interior art: by Jason O’Toole
Biography photo: by Laura Goodridge

The Red Salon
PO Box 354
West Union, WV 26456

Available directly from Jason O’Toole or via Amazon


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