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Raul Antony talks to outsider musician and writer Sean David Stoltenburg. Topics include the Ras Ün project and his self-releases on Handwerk Music, music as ritual, creating the soundtrack and background for Nympho Zombie Cult—a horror movie that never existed, The Mystic Light of Halloween event in Selinsgrove, PA (Friday, Oct. 19th), his upcoming book The Web of God, and his personal burial service Arcadian Death Tradition.

Limited edition Ras Ün – Halloween Manifesto digital album still available:

These tracks were originally recorded in October of 2016, long before the inception of Ras Un but were created with the same essence entwined throughout.

This release originally was created to be supplemental to a short story that I’d written and was to release on Halloween of that year, but the story was accidentally deleted and lost before I’d completed it.

Both “Brume” and “Mire” appeared on the out of print CD version of “Midnight Office” but I was never happy with that placement and felt that they needed a release of their own. “Gale” is a new track created using excerpts of the abandoned “Gale” track I was working on then along with some other pieces of experiments from this era.

This EP is only available through November 1st and only 13 editions are able to be downloaded.

Ras Ün Explores the Life of Charles Milles Manson via Ritual Ambient on “Our Savage God”

OUR SAVAGE GOD is a Sonic Ritual created to assist in the continued transformation of the practitioner (listener) by asserting their control over Fear through the exploration of the life of Charles Milles Manson.