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Perturbator Announces “B-sides and Remixes, Vol. I & II”, 2019 European Tour

Synthwave powerhouse Perturbator announces a two-part collection of rare and unreleased material on B-sides and Remixes, Vol. I & II. Vol. I features nearly all of the remixes Perturbator created for other artists, many of which were just coming out and could become well-known on their own right.

Vol. II collects nearly all of Perturbator’s rare early work, including rare b-sides, compilation tracks, and covers. Pre-order the CD/LP directly at the Blood Music webstore, releases November 16th, 2018.

Additionally, Perturbator is embarking on an extensive European tour starting on March 2019. Tickets and dates are available at perturbator.com.

From the Perturbator Facebook page:

“B-sides and Remixes, Vol. I” is the first part in a two-hour, double volume retrospective, featuring nearly all of Perturbator’s rare early work.

This material has been disparate prior to this release, existing on random Bandcamps, Soundclouds, and other various corners of the internet. Most of this material has never seen the light of day on physical media, nor even via iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube.
Perturbator B Sides & Remixes Vol I
This double release retrospective allows one to revisit the glory early days of synthwave through the lens of Perturbator. Perturbator remains one of the key composers in a scene whose days were predicted as very short-lived, yet is growing daily towards reaching a decade of increasing popularity.

In other words, this will be the last time many of you can discover Perturbator’s synthwave tracks for the very first time.

Volume I of the collection features nearly all of the remixes Perturbator created of other artists’ works in the early days of synthwave.

It was very normal for artists to remix each other to improve their skills and as a favor towards promoting each other, as well as the scene at large.

Many of these artists went on to become known in their own right:

* Dead Astronauts (including Hayley Stewart) have appeared as vocalists on several Perturbator albums, including the infamous track “Sentient.”
* Mega Drive is one of the early accomplished producers of the darksynth scene, actively composing to this day.
* Reznyck has gone on to become one of the founding members of the band OddZoo.
* Lueur Verte was the founder of Aphasia Records, one of the earliest synthwave labels.
* And GosT went on to become the second synthwave signing to Blood Music, now heavily known in his own right.

Track list:

1. In Disquise – (Dead Astronauts)
2. Unhappy Woman – (Dead Astronauts)
3. These Bones (Have Left You) – (Dead Astronauts)
4. B Side – (Dead Astronauts)
5. I Am the Program – (Mega Drive)
6. Shock Doctrine – (Reznyck)
7. Orchid – (DIZKODEATH)
8. Night Slasher II – (Lueur Verte)
9. Another Sleepless Night – (Slick Moranis)
10. Behemoth – (Gost)

“B-sides and Remixes, Vol. II” is the latter part in a two-hour, double volume retrospective, featuring nearly all of Perturbator’s rare early work.

Volume II of the collection features nearly all of Perturbator’s rare b-sides, compilation tracks, and cover songs.

These tracks were recorded during the periods of “TERROR 404,” “I Am the Night,” “Nocturne City,” “Sexualizer,” and leading up to “Dangerous Days.”

Many of them would feel right at home on those releases and offer a chance for many to hear bonus tracks from those sessions for the very first time.

Indeed, Perturbator’s most prolific period was during the era from 2012-2014, in which he released three albums and three EPs, along with all the tracks founded on these two compilation albums.

This is the period from which Perturbator cut his teeth and became the well-oiled machine we know and love today.

Track list:

1. Rage Main Theme (Score)
2. Vigilante 2084
3. The Intruder
4. Run to Survive (with Protector 101)
5. Noises in the Basement (Vortex)
6. Castlevania III – Clockwork
7. Creature
8. Disco Girls
9. Retrofutures (with STARFORCE)
10. Aurora Haze (with Starforce)
11. Halloween Theme Rework
12. Welcome to Nocturne City (Arcade Version)
13. Shot in the Fuck (Bonus)
14. Positive Attitude Jingle (Bonus)

Perturbator B Sides & Remixes LP

Cover art: Ariel ZB

Label: Blood Music

Release date: November 16th, 2018

All tracks are remixed by Perturbator, the artists in parentheses are the original songs’ creators.