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Gretchen Heinel’s EXSANGUINATA at GRRL HAUS CINEMA Horror Shorts Festival

Grrl Haus Cinema Feature

Gretchen Heinel‘s short film EXSANGUINATA is part of the GRRL HAUS CINEMA : Horror Shorts festival at Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers on Monday October 22nd (two days after Autumn Electronix II).

GRRL HAUS CINEMA : Horror Shorts is our first screening in New York and is a celebration of all things frightening, bizarre and shocking. Arriving just in time for Halloween it includes shorts in the more traditional realm of horror and shorts that celebrate weirdness and camp, as well as films that will leave us with a sense of existential dread. Come and be shocked by witches, cults, ghosts and the absurdities of human behavior.

Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers / October 22nd

Entropia : Marinah Janello
1st DAY & NEXT MINUTE : Sara Koppel
Big Bad Wolves : Rachel James
EXSANGUINATA : Gretchen Heinel
Detour : Dik Sum Man
Beautiful Eyes : Rani Crowe
Death Has No Season : Coco Roy
Cecilia : Liz Tabish
Moon Cake : Cara Kuball
OMG! What She Doing in Mud! Virgin Girl in Mud : Jessie Darnell
Miss Psychorama 1986 commercials : Jenny Plante
Caecitas : Roxane Baudin

*filmmakers Q & A following screening

song in trailer : Seminary, by Missionary Work

GRRL HAUS CINEMA is an ongoing program of short films and video art made by women. A mix of local, national, and international artists present work from a variety of disciplines: narrative, documentary, experimental, and conceptual.

With an emphasis on low budget and DIY, GRRL HAUS is a space for underrepresented voices in the arts today. GRRL HAUS presents multiple events and screenings in Boston and Berlin throughout the year, as well as smaller screenings throughout Europe.