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Wardruna Announces SKALD Acoustic Album Pre-order and Merch

Wardruna mastermind Einar Selvik has announced Skald, a collection of live in-studio recordings and unreleased music featured in the Vikings TV series. Skald will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats on November 23rd, 2018 from By Norse Music. New merchandise is also available for pre-order, including t-shirts and hoodies with the Skald design.

1. Vardlokk
2. Skald
3. Ein sat hon uti
4. Voluspá (skaldic version)
5. Fehu (skaldic version)
6. Vindavla
7. Ormagardskvedi
8. Gravbakkjen
9. Sonatorrek
10. Helvegen (skaldic version)

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US based store:


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Live Review: An Evening with Wardruna, Los Angeles September 14th 2018

After a brief intermission the lights dimmed and the headline ritual was set to commence. Beginning with “Tyr” (which is also the first track of their third album in the Runaljod trilogy), frontman Einar Selvik and Eilif Gundersen raised two Scandinavian bronze lures, blowing massive shadows on their textured backdrop. Drums by Sondre Veland and Arne Sagemann powerfully filled the theater and set a shamanistic trance. “Wunjo” (meaning “Joy”) livens it up with Einar on tagelharpa, John Stenersen on a bowed lyre, Gundersen on flutes, and gentle dancing by Lindy-Fay Hella.