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Totenwolf’s New Single “Death to Love” Now Available

Totenwolf Death to Love

“Death to Love” is the latest single from Totenwolf, the echo soaked neo-folk project of writer and musician Paul Waggener.

Available as a $.99 single download or unlimited free streaming from Soundcloud.

Digial Single from CDBaby

Free Stream from Soundcloud

More at paul-waggener.com and wolfsheadrecords.com


Death to love.
When you give up control
When you’re joined together
You’re cursed to come undone
If you fall in love in a heartbeat
You’ll fall apart in the moment
And it rips you to pieces
When you give up control
When you give up at all
When you give it your all
It takes all that you have
And it leaves you alone-
Death to Love.
You can search for a lifetime
And find nothing but dust
Trading freedom for comfort
To some liar in lust
It’ll last for a moment
It’ll kill for a season
It’ll rot all your reason
Just to taste of that rust
If you give up control
If you give up at all
It takes all that you have
And it leaves you alone
One hand to throat
One hand to the sky
All green things are fading
With one last ragged cry
So let the winter come now
An internal ice age
Freeze infernal passions-
Bring Death to Love.
Death to Love.

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“By chanting the OM, we create a sympathetic, or harmonic vibration with the nature of reality itself. We bring ourself to the center of all that is, and find ourselves there, exactly where we are.”