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Exclusive: “Blood Will Rain” the New Video from Control

Thomas Garrison, better known by the moniker Control, is a lodestar of American power electronics. For nearly twenty years, he’s been the purveyor of noise so substantial it seems physically present.

His genius lies in combining the genre’s anguished, furious sound with textures that seem to go miles deep. Control can be alternately pummeling and entrancing, or, more often, shifts between those poles.

Blood Will Rain is his latest release and stands as proof that his skills are undiminished. Garrison’s music has never sounded so sinister or remote. And it turns out that those things are more unsettling than pure anger.

The sedimentary layers of Blood Will Rain are a perfect match for video artist DFM (Dominic F. Marceau), a frequent collaborator with industrial and power electronics artists.

Both men like to construct a whole from elements that slip through before we even recognize what they are. So it is only fitting that the album’s eponymous title track should have a video by Marceau.

Listen and watch, repeatedly if you want the full experience, and dig through the perfectly constructed strata.

Control will also be playing a series of shows in Europe from October 2nd to 22nd, the Forces Aligned: Europe Takeover tour.

Joining him for the dates will be Thorofon, Genevieve Pasquier and Kommando, different permutations of whom three will play at different dates.

There will also be different guest artists playing at each show, including the likes of Ex Order, Da-Sein and Te/Dis.

The tour includes shows in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands and finishes with a performance at Maschinenfest 2k18, the last installment of the venerable festival of rhythm, noise and industrial culture.

Blood Will Rain is available now from ant-zen on CD and digital format.

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