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Now Available: CONTROL – Blood Will Rain (Ant-Zen)

Control - Blood Will Rain Featured

Thomas Garrison‘s misanthropic electronics project CONTROL returns with Blood Will Rain, channeling a violent ritual of chaos and adversarial enlightenment across 10 tracks. Available as a CD directly from Ant-Zen (link) or digital download at ant-zen.bandcamp.com. Full album details below, including European tour details for: control • geneviéve pasquier • kommando • thorofon, October 2nd to the 22nd, 2018.

Control - Blood Will Rain Album

Control. blood will rain. cd / digital album. ant-zen act380

cd: https://mailorder.ant-zen.com/product/id/3280
digital: https://ant-zen.bandcamp.com/album/blood-will-rain

01. awakening
02. der weg
03. blood will rain
04. invoking chaos
05. descending into shadows
06. the chosen call
07. black mass
08. drowned by hate
09. the blood that powers all
10. this is the law

upc 821272402725
release date: 10september2k18

mastered by isaac holly at induktion studios.

‘the pious pretense that evil does not exist only makes it vague, enormous and menacing.’

with his new album ‘blood will rain’ thomas garrison a.k.a. control presents a release which is a status report of a journey into an artist’s saturnine inner self. the sound shows a slight shift in direction from control’s power electronics basics towards death industrial whereat deep, dark soundscapes play a decisive foundational role. enduring pulses of apparent and sometimes concealed rhythms overlaid with resonant metallic drones and tortured voice treatments evoke a dramatic atmosphere of maleficant trance. an electronically generated ritual music caused by the combination of hypnotic, cavernous and perpetual aggressive elements.

this most sable release in control’s history is a soundtrack for incantations of many kinds: chaos, suffering, enlightenment. able to establish fraternal bonds between artist and listener, ‘blood will rain’ might be used to open up as yet closed, or even hidden doors. be prepared.

control • geneviéve pasquier • kommando • thorofon
forces aligned – europe takeover. 02-22.october.2018

oct02 berlin. germany @ urban spree (control, spit mask & thorofon)
oct03 lodz. poland @ dom (control (complete line-up t.b.a.))
oct05 leipzig. germany @ line-up t.b.a.
oct06 nürnberg. germany @ z-bau (control, da-sein & thorofon)
oct08 frankfurt/main. germany @ inm (control & geneviéve pasquier)
oct11 basel. switzerland @ hirscheneck (control, kommando & thorofon)
oct12 paris. france @ les voûtes (control, thorofon & te/dis)
oct13 aachen. germany @ az (control, geneviéve pasquier & kommando)
oct16 t.b.a.. the netherlands (line-up t.b.a.)
oct18 amsterdam. the netherlands @ ocii (control, kommando & thorofon)
oct19-22 maschinenfest. oberhausen. germany @ turbinenhalle (control)

discography (excerpt) 09.2k18:
blood will rain. cd. ant-zen act380. 2018
over maschinenfest part II – 2015. tape. raubbau raub-049 / pflichtkauf pflicht070. 2016
in harm’s way. cd. ant-zen act330. 2015
out for blood. lp. parasitic records pr71. 2014
over maschinenfest, paris and berlin. tape. raubbau raub-024 / pflichtkauf pflicht056. 2014
transgression. cd. ant-zen act299. 2013
the resistance. cd. ant-zen act270. 2012
deadly sins. cd. malignant records tumorcd48. 2010
world of lies. cd / lp. freak animal records freak-cd-036 / frek-lp-022. 2006
this means to an end. cd. eibon records con055. 2005
the cleansing. cd. pacrec / troniks pacrec103 / tro-113. 2004
natural selection. cd. eibon records con044. 2003
algolagnia. cd. freak animal records freak-cd-010. 2002
praying to bleed. 7″. l.s.d. organisation lsdo-s024. 2000
control. cd. black plagve infest03. 1999

control full discography:

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