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Exclusive: See “Blade” the New Video from Ionophore

Ionophore are back with their second album on Malignant Records (and third overall). Whetter sees the trio of Leila Abdul-Rauf, Jan Hendrick and Ryan Honaker combine their considerable talents to great effect. They continue in the same vein as their well-received Sinter Pools, released in 2016. The sound is cinematic, incorporating neoclassical elements and modern electronics. Horns and percussion wend their graceful way through digital backdrops and Leila’s vocals nestle in the mix.

The sound is dark like a classic film noir. It is ethereal and mysterious as fog. At times, it recalls the less pop-oriented material of Kirlian Camera, but it is very much its own entity.

We’re pleased to be able to share “Blade” with you today. The video by Rhea deCaro is a luscious tease to whet the appetite for what’s to come.

Whetter is available for preorder now from Malignant Records in both CD (through their website) and digital format (through Bandcamp).

Malignant Records | Bandcamp