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Exclusive- Hear “A Wound of Body” the New Album from Common Eider, King Eider

Common Eider, King Eider is a favourite of ours here at Heathen Harvest and so it is always a happy moment when we’re presented with new material. And today, we’re especially happy to offer a full stream of their brand new album, A Wound of Body, which is out today on Sentient Ruin (US)/ Cyclic Law (Europe).

A Wound Of Body is the first part of Common Eider, King Eider’s Wound duology (the second, A Wound Of Earth will follow on Consouling Sounds / Cloister Recordings later this year), two separate releases linked sonically, visually and spiritually, together forming the group’s most focused and fully realized work to date. The two releases together offer up a sprawling, audial exploration of wounds at once physical and spiritual, social and societal, natural and environmental.

A Wound Of Body is presented on cassette in a minimal black J-card, on textured paper, and printed in silver metallic ink. The artwork features a micro-landscape rendered in bone, a stark image of the alien, otherworldly topography that lurks beneath the skin, emblematic of the inevitable decay and disintegration of our physical forms: the ruin we become, and the ruin we leave behind.

Sonically, the album is beautifully stark: dense, oppressive and claustrophobic. An immersive black hole of bleak, cavernous drone music and disquieting ambience, each track a hushed and harrowing ritual; the surface minimalism underpinned by a churning morass of sound, a layered liturgy of blackened invocations and nebulous strings hovering in the shadows. Its darkness is just barely tempered by glimmers of light, smudges of soft colour on an otherwise dark canvas.

The wounds of the body and of the spirit, are in part the result of unfettered capitalism and a patriarchy run rampant. We remain, even in a comparatively enlightened era, cogs in the capitalist machine, and beholden to a leadership and a code of ethics that seemingly remains indifferent to our humanity. We have lost our connection to our bodies, to the sacred, to our sexuality, to the primacy of what makes us human. Which in turn has seemingly severed our connections to nature and wilderness, our wounds perpetuating our relationships with the world around us via land development and resource exploitation, with both our bodies and the world we live in viewed by many simply as commodities to own, sell, exploit and destroy.

Fuck patriarchy.
Fuck fascism.
Fuck homophobia.
Fuck misogyny.
Fuck bigotry.

A wound of earth, a wound of body.
As we sing together, we reshape this enduring curse into an eternal blessing…

Here, for your listening pleasure, is A Wound of Body in its entirety…

Sentient Ruin | Bandcamp

Cyclic Law | Bandcamp

Common Eider, King Eider