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Temple of Silence Festival Vol. 12 with Anemone Tube, Moljebka Pvlse (Poland, Sept. 7-8)

Temple of Silence presents a 2-day industrial, experimental and dark ambient festival uniting local Polish artists with projects from across Europe.

Piątek / Friday 07.09

Sobota / Saturday 08.09

Forum Synagoga
ul.Raszkowska 21, 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski

TER – sound anthropologist in the world of electronics. Active in the field of music from the early 2000s. On a regular basis working with MIRT, as a duo MIRT + TER, and in the project BRASIL AND THE BAND GALLOWBROTHERS (formerly ONE INCH OF SHADOW) and the trio FAINT OF HEARTS. Has released her debut album entitled “Fingerprints” and two collaborative albums with MIRT “Sultans of S # $ & *” and ”Bacchus, Where Are You?”. Publishes single tracks on compilations in the country and abroad. Has performed at numerous festivals (Donau Festival, Austria; Flussi Italy, and in Poland: Unsound, Krakow; Open Source Art, Sopot, Monotype Fest, Warsaw; Temple of Silence, Antonin / Międzybórz; Opener Festival, Gdynia, WIF, Wroclaw).
“Remains”, Magda TER’s sophomore album, has been created over the past two years changing its shape several times. It is a compromise between static, experimental background music and soothing techno glimpses with some samples of acoustic instruments. As a result, the album has contemplative colours, although hidden beneath the surface of seemingly uninvolved sounds. Due to this fact Magda’s music cannot be pidgeonholed. One can even say that “Remains” leaves the audience with a huge amount of space for their own feelings and interpretations of the individual sequences, while simultaneously dropping some vague cues. Thus, we are dealing with one of the most intriguing electronic Polish releases in recent years.
‘Remains’ LP 2017
‘Bacchus, Where Are You?’ (with Mirt) CD/LP 2017
‘Sultans of S#&*$’ (with Mirt) CD 2014
‘Fingerprints’ CD / MC 2013

Anemone Tube was founded 1996 in South-Germany; since 2010 based in Berlin. The audio works of Anemone Tube are a unique blend of dark ambient, noise, industrial and sound-art with a strong psychogenic impact. The use of constantly shifting and altering sounds and moods is possibly one of the most intriguing things about the audio creations of Anemone Tube. Since 2007 Anemone Tube has been working on “The Suicide Series”. To this field recordings made in China and Japan build a conceptional basis. In a poetic way Anemone Tube combines analytical realism of the phenomenal world with buddhist psychology and nihilist rhetoric influenced by the works of Pier Paolo Pasolini, H.P. Lovecraft, J.G. Ballard and Hayao Miyazaki.
Anemone Tube has released material on Auf Abwegen (DE), Raubbau/Ant-Zen (DE), Peripheral Records (GB), Silken Tofu (BE), Black Horizons (USA), La Esencia (ES), The Epicurean (DE).
In Anemone Tube’s “Golden Temple” live set a sacred and engaging atmosphere is created through Buddhist rituals, liturgic objects (statues, candles, censer and incense) and highly aesthetic video projections with old masters paintings with religiously charged symbolism (Greek mythology, old and new testament, Buddhism) and contemporary photographs, offering an absorbing, inspiring as well as complex concept, which not only raises spiritual questions, how we live and why, but above all fascinates the audience on a purely emotional & spiritual level.

Violinist, compositor and music producer, Tomasz Mreńca was born in Poznan in 1986. He graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Wrocław. His activities cover a wide range of projects including solo and team projects, composing music for performances, art installations.
The wide-ranging music composed by Mreńca can be best described as electro-acoustic pieces at the edge of various genres, balancing between ambient and experimental music. He is adapting recorded sounds thus creating exceptional atmospheres based on the timbres of analogue synthesizers, violins and outdoor records.
He is the author of two solo albums: “Peak” -his latest record- was published in February 2018, his debut album “Land” (For Tune) was published in 2016. “Peak” as well as “Land” were highly acclaimed both by the audience and by musical critics.
Additionally, Mreńca along with Tomasz Dednarczyk is the co-author of “Venter”, a project which has released two LPs so far: “Venter LP” (Sensefloor, 2015) and„Lost EP” (Catch Recordings, 2015).
It is also worth mentioning that Mreńca is a member of the multinational collective “The Frozen Vaults” and as such has already had the chance of composing
pieces of music for the Paris label Voxxov Records. He also cooperated with Bartosz Dziadosz, and they both recorded the album “Black Lake” (Requiem Records). It was also Mreńca who composed and recorded all the string parts for Baasch’s record “Grizzly Bear with a Million Eyes”(NextPop).

Holotrop is a Berlin based ritual psychedelic project. Founded in spring 2013 by Toni Burner.
The main focus of Holotrop is to bring visions from altered states of consciousness in a form of sounds and music.
With a unique mix of electronic and acoustic instruments Holotrop explore the border between reality and dream, thinking and feeling, ecstasy and meditation.
The name Holotrop means “focused in all things” and was used for the first time by the czech psychologist Stanislav Grof who invented the same-named breathwork.

kIRk is a band looking for new forms of expression at the crossroads of electronic and acoustic music. The group consists of four musicians: Antonina Nowacka (vocal), Paweł Bartnik (electronics), Olgierd Dokalski (trumpet), and Filip Kalinowski (turntable). Each of them comes from a different musical background and therefore they approach composition in various ways. Nevertheless, their common ground is improvisation, which allows the sound to travel far beyond the limitations of any genre. Intuition and the will to communicate lead the team to their goals. The outcome is a sound filled with organic drama that steers clear of the obvious.The leader of the Swans, Michael Gira, pioneer of futuristic jazz trumpet, Nils Peter Molvaer, and the godmother of experimental beats and bass scene, Mary Anne Hobbs, all spoke warmly of the progressive thinking and revolutionary attitude of the band. kIRk visited the renowned British music site The Quietus, the legendary Tresor Club and such festivals as OFF, Open’er and Satta Outside.

Ɛɡzɪˈstɛnʃ(ə)l is the new name for the dark drone music of Cathal Rodgers (Wreck of the Hesperus, Wereju, Spermicidal, Crypticum, Existentiell). Building on his previous work as Wereju, Ɛɡzɪˈstɛnʃ(ə)l continues the audio explorations into the cognitive dissonance of our modern world.
“Cathal Rodgers’ new set of soundscapes heaves up like a mean orchestra barely containing its wrath. But it does, and that’s its astuteness. With a long string of louder work behind him as Wereju, Rodgers continues to investigate a liminal world of dreams, unknowing, displacement, oblivion and ends.”
“His frightening vision is very much of this world viewed from the brink of its various precipices, both geographical and spiritual. The path he chooses or perhaps has been compelled to wander leaves his guitar no resort but to struggle with the burden of decrepitude. And yet as it sheds corporeal states, it seems to want to both erode and damage its surroundings as much as celebrate them.”
“It is melancholy without being maudlin or sentimental, gruffly realistic without being unkind or gratuitous. It is the sound of someone trying to process difficult notions about time, about aging, about mortality and taking seriously the enormity of the challenge. For the record: I am talking about layers of pedal-loop throbbing and/or synth drones, high tension metallic pulses all beautifully recorded and elegantly balanced. A point is being made eloquently and convincingly.”

Mothertape is a duo from Kołobrzeg created by Marek Kasprzak (Passive Status) and Maciek Jaciuk (SqrtSigil), whose music can be described as experimental post-dub-ambient electronics with acoustic elements.
They debuted in March 2014 with the release of the EP”Mothertape” for the Canadian label D.M.T. Records. In September 2015, Kołobrzeg’s label Plaża Zachodnia released their album “Problems with talking to Aliens”, which has received many positive reviews.
Several of the duo’s pieces have appeared on various compilations, including R A D I O N O I S E S [ANG CD01], released by Antenna Non Grata label.
In July 2018, their next album “Unexplained Mind Bruises” was released by the Zoharum label.
Their music is a story about tuning perception, opening portals leading to psychomagic nooks and crannies, magical ambient, occult reminiscences and insight into the deepest layers of human loneliness.
The duo experiments at the junction of several kinds of art: music, graphics and film.

Kentin Jivek
Kentin Jivek is an author, composer, and performer with over 15 albums produced during these last 8 years. He has collaborated with several musicians around the world (Arash Akbari, The Hare and The Moon, Miro Snejdr …)
His style cuts across the Psychedelism of the 70s with a tone of voice and a writing bringing it closer to musicians like Can, Dead can dance or Stars of the lid He speaks three languages, and is multi instrumentalist.

Moljebka Pvlse is an experimental music group from Stockholm, Sweden. The group works with both electronic and acoustic instruments, as well as with field recordings and found sounds. The music is often dark and haunting, consisting of minimal soundscapes built by layered drones. At times, there has been touches of noise and even pop.
Over the years, Moljebka Pvlse has released over a dozen full length albums on many different labels, for example Drone Records, Reverse Alignment, Taâlem, Greytone, Some Place Else, Gears of Sand, Fifth Week Records, Mystery Sea, Cold Meat Industry, Fin De Siècle Media and Isoramara.
Performing live is of great importance, and to this date Moljebka Pvlse has performed live in Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Pol
and, Slovenia, Sweden, the Ukraine and the USA.

Rafal Sadej – the body behind the soul of MOAN – was born and brought up in Siemianowice Slaskie in the midst of atmosphere and sounds of industrial enviroment of ironworks and coal-mines, producing whole lot of unnatural sounds inscribing themselves into ordinariness of surrounding districts. You only need to open a window in Rafal’s apartament at night in order to realize why there is a such natural intuition of machine harmony in his music. In every his music achievement you can find a nocturnal silence filled with barely audible distant humming, grating metallic sounds, pulse of the machines and even noise or chaos.