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Megaptera ‘Disease’ CD Reissue Out Now on Ur Muzik

Megaptera have been a Death Industrial trademark since their first recordings back in the early 1990s. The Swedish monster, led by its mastermind Peter Nyström, embodies the most disturbing and gruesome art there is.

Alongside other legends, such as Archon Satani, In Slaughter Natives, or Atrax Morgue, the project has haunted our sheltered lives with their highly oppressive sound ever since.

Megaptera - Disease

The album’ Disease‘, originally released in 1996 by Art Konkret, is no exception to the rule. It is Death Industrial at its best – grim, terrifying and ghastly.


Disease‘ was also the first album with Peter as the sole member. The album is built like a psychological horror soundtrack, not as harsh as its predecessor – ‘Beyond The Shadow‘, but it is darker and will definitely crawl under the listener’s skin.

The 2018 version is not a mere reissue, though, as it is completed with a brand new 10-minute-long track, which includes some sound additions by John Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses.

Released as a digipack. Mastered by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk. Artwork by Kellerman Design. Available now. 13.00 EUR + shipping (ask for details). Order your copy at ur.muzik(at)yahoo.com or via Facebook , or via Cold Spring