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Dutch black industrial meets American harsh noise on Burning Ad Infinitum,  an unholy collaboration between Gnaw Their Tongues and Crowhurst. Across four tracks span the distinct but complementary talents of these two projects. Opening this hellbound journey is “Nothing’s Sacred”, appropriately sounding like an infernal machine drilling through layers of earth. Granite and crust are broken through, rattling and ricocheting, with splashes of searing electronic lava.

With the terrestrial cores penetrated, we enter Pandæmonium. Rapid fire drums, thick lashes of bass guitar, and demonic vocal screeches and howls on “Speared Martyrs” welcome the listener to a realm of chaos and perverse torture.  Guitar and synth feedback and industrial drums pull things into a  central void on “The Blinding Fury of Suffering”, swelling into a majestic cacophony of evil. We’re then released into a blown-out minor melodic line on “The Divinity Of Our Great Perversions” that evolves into refined noisecore. This is the orgasmic climax to this affair, where the black metal and noise talents of Jay Gambit and Maurice De Jong culminate with contributions from Andrew Curtis-Brignell of Caïna, concluding with a coat of black sludge over our wounds. The mastering by James Plotkin really comes through, as throughout the discord one can savor the various ingredients in this brew. I’ve listened to the last track in particular several times over catching new sounds and layers.

The artwork from Brandon Geurts and Caroline Harrison is a perfect representation of this chthonian voyage through impish pleasure and pain.

Burning Ad Infinitum is now available on Bandcamp (Gnaw Their Tongues | Crowhurst), Spotify, and color vinyl from Crown and Throne Ltd.