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Ataraxia Presents ‘Synchronicity Embraced’ – October 2018

Ataraxia Synchronicity Embraced

Synchronicity Embraced is an Alchemic Voyage in the Frequency of 432Hz

To shine you have to burn
Viktor Frankl

Do you want to burn and shine?
The vibration urges…
It is a drawing of heartbreaking pain and unspeakable discovery
Cosmos Magic
Apparent chaos
Circular movement waves
And the sacred 8 vibrates
this is the access code
The sacred 8
And the coherence of the infinite 1

Synchronicity Embraced” is the 8 guiding us, the 8 of the vibe, the 8 leading to 1, the 8 of the musicians mates, the 8 on the way, the 8 of the heartbeat of Beltane, the 8 of the pomegranate, the 8 of the human being.

In this way, the angels breathe, in the ellipses of the stars, in the bridal crown, in the pulsing sound, in crystalline heights, in gentle courage. Transmutation, processus sit ad album, work on white, we believe in 8 that, through duality, leads to 1.

Wash my wounded heart, all is well, in 2019 we will be green shoots.

We crossed the Plato’s cave swimming against the current to reach the lotus beach where we collected the three healing stones, black, red and white to bring them back to the sailing ship as death and rebirth can do their true course. Planetary orbits, resonances, a message sent to the heavenly spheres, fire and life begins.

The unifying One is exploding
The cosmic plan is perfect
nothing to fear, nothing to change
will emerge
from the apparent chaos of events
And I will understand
the meaning of all things
So be gentle be gentle
be patient be patient

♦  Synchronicity Embraced concept  ♦
English / Italian ]

Track Listing

Prayer Of The Archangel
Rose Of The Wild Forces
Chiron Quartz
La Vista Del Bardo
Synchronicity Embraced

♦  Lyrics  ♦

A passage in time, starry discoveries, sisters and brothers met on the way, thousand-year-old oaks, ways of water. We open ourselves to realize the talents we have received as a gift, because only in this way, within this design of extreme hardness and breathless beauty will we be free.

The intentions already spread their waves everywhere, this is life, perfect circular movement, we start gliding on the worlds…

Trust in your heart and look only for a moment at the mirror that the demons put before you, the sacred roots and branches are already working in the earth and in the heavens.

Under the Corno Mount, the maiden reveals herself to the unicorn, Jack protects him because he died in a river and the water spoke to him, water wrapped him in a pure and passionate embrace. Healing. Albedo. Synchronicity gets started.

Do you want to burn and shine?
The vibration urges…


Interested parties can contact the band directly: [email protected]