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Annihilvs Power Electronix artist KINTAAN celebrates their latest CD/cassette/vinyl release Saturday, September 22.

Psychic Readings

95 Empire St, Providence, Rhode Island 029035

Get all the details at the Facebook event page.

Kintaan Release Flyer

From the Annihilvs Bandcamp:

Extradimensional post-music trio KINTAAN have been astonishing audiences up and down the eastern seaboard for well-nigh a decade. During that time, their untitled debut album, recorded behind a block of dilapidated warehouses by an overgrown rail line littered with trash, has been coming together at a glacial pace.

Like so many artists in our roster, KINTAAN hails from Providence, a place established as a haven for those “distressed of conscience,” and the city of H.P. Lovecraft. Cold, wet, and grey New England, where horrible nightmares have gripped and deformed minds for centuries. This is where witches burned, where stakes were driven through lifeless bodies, where America’s industrial revolution began, as human ambition poisoned the fertile black soil. It is no wonder that a band that evokes such cavernous depths of nameless, formless evil would be born of one of America’s oldest and most mysterious cities.

The core unit of Bassist/vocalist Josh Yelle (LVMMVX/DHIM), drummer Eric Griehsbaer (VOSP/POOL), and electronics/synth wizard Marc Jameson (member of SKIN CRIME) constructed the album with the aid of Sean halpin (CRAOW). The album has been mastered by Andy Grant (THE VOMIT ARSONIST), who has often been seen performing live with KINTAAN since autumn of 2017.

In 2018, ANNIHILVS is very pleased to present this brutal slab of mutant sounds as a digipak CD-R, in conjunction with editions released by DANVERS STATE RECORDINGS (cassette) and CONCRETE LO FI RECORDS (vinyl).

This release will also be available as a Bundle, including an exclusive “The Most Ancient” limited edition KINTAAN t-shirt, a one-sided picture disc lathe-cut 7inch single (featuring a remix by THEOLOGIAN), and a copy of the digipak CD-R.

From the Kintaan Facebook page:

Kintaan CD Cassette

Photo by Haxen’s Jeff Brown