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Fate and the Twilight of the Gods: The Norns and an Exegesis of Voluspa by Gwendolyn Taunton

Fate and the Twilight of the Gods

The inevitability of fate and the possibility of an apocalypse serve as the ultimate mysterium tremendum et fascinans for humanity.

Fate is a force that remains beyond the realm of normal human control, consisting of unavoidable circumstances and consequences.

Fate is represented as a trinity of Goddesses known as the Norns or Nornir, individually named Urdr, Verdandi, and Skuld – each of whom has a specific function.

For the Norns, the process of verbally pronouncing an individual’s destiny is a magical act which binds the target to their verdict.

Fate and the Twilight of the Gods: The Norns and an Exegesis of Voluspa

The judgment of the Norns —for good or ill—is inescapable for Gods and mortals alike. The complex interplay betwixt time, divine law, magick, and speech are all combined in the symbolism of the Norns to explain the concepts of predestination and determinism in European Traditions.

The second half of the book provides an examination of Voluspa – the prophecy which outlines the inevitable destruction of the world, and the ‘Twilight of the Gods’.

Ragnarok is explored from the perspective of perennial philosophy and comparative mythology, to outline the esoteric meaning of Voluspa, with particular emphasis laid on the Gods Odin and Loki.

The roles of Odin and Loki are extremely significant to Voluspa, for Odin is the key figure in forestalling Ragnarok, and Loki is the primary instigator of Ragnarok.

About Gwendolyn Taunton

Gwendolyn Taunton was born in Queensland, Australia and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Gwendolyn TauntonGwendolyn has an extensive background in Philosophy, Hinduism, Buddhism, Information Technology, and teaching.

In 2009 she won the $10,000 Ashton Wylie Award for Literary Excellence for her first book Primordial Traditions.

She has previously been employed as a web designer, a computer programmer, general IT slave to university professors, and a teacher. Gwendolyn now runs her own businesses in jewellery, publishing, and property investment.

In her spare time, she listens to obscure music, watches horror films, ventures out into the wildness with indigenous Australian fauna, and is an amateur herpetologist.

She was in Christchurch for both the 2010 Canterbury Earthquakes and the cycle of aftershocks it produced, which culminated in the devastating 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Having experienced constant shaking and rumbling for a year, Gwendolyn decided to return to her country of birth and has been happily residing in Australia ever since.

Gwendolyn’s natural habit is a spacious home in rural Australia, filled with books, exotic plants, and bizarre antiquities. She is fiercely individualistic, is not a team player, and does not support any political ideology which enforces conformity of opinion, irrespective of whether it is Left or Right Wing.

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