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Los Angeles based artist Hasufel (Dylan Ettinger) drops his latest dungeon industrial track on this new collection of dark electronics from DKA Records. With looped mechanical klangs, minor key plucked bass and cadenced synths Hasufel guides the listener through a haunted mansion refurbished into a dungeon industrial lounge. This more rhythmic styling is both refreshing and fitting for this dead-beat driven compilation. Given Ettinger’s minimal synth background and more recent dark excursions, DKA nailed it with this inclusion. Pre-orders have begun on the DKA Tape Programme Vol. II cassette, which get you a 3 track taste until the tape ships out on September 14th.

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The Forest Passage #28 – Hasufel

The second compilation in the DKA Tape Programme series features twenty artists making waves in the industrial, goth, acid/house, techno, and minimal synth underground, with artists from all over the world creating death disco dirges, acid bangers, and forlorn post-punk anthems. Vol. 2 sees the return of DKA stalwarts Tannhäuser Gate, Autumns, Xander Harris, Karger Traum, and Passing, joined by several new (and new to DKA!) acts that have quickly become a part of the always expanding DKA family. Several of these artists have played in Atlanta and blown away the people behind DKA and we wanted to introduce them to you, our faithful listeners! Some of the musicians on this compilation have to date only self-released tapes while others have releases on the extended network of underground techno/industrial labels like Ascetic House, Pop Nihil, New Body, Tram Planet, and more. There is something for everyone looking to jack into the electronic body movement on this monster tape comp that clocks in at over an hour! Includes digital pre-order of DKA Tape Programme Vol. II. You get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

DKA Records

DKA Tape Programme Vol. II