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New Orleans Queer Power Electronics project STRAIGHT PANIC delivers a contemporary assault on American Christian hegemony on “Boys’ Academy”, the latest single from the upcoming Religious Liberty Task Force cassette on Doughgirl Tapes. Along with this teaser, STRAIGHT PANIC is offering a pre-order for their new t-shirt, produced by Forest Passage Printing.

Reverend Raul Antony (Heathen Harvest, Church of Satan) writes:

Thomas Boettner conjures the iconoclastic anti-religious power electronics of classics such as The Grey Wolves‘ Catholic Priests Fuck Children and Con-Dom‘s All In Good Faith. ‘Boys’ Academy’ displays a more focused and mature sound from 2017 album The Satanic Verses, opening with Baptist Pastor Sean Harris’ godly anti-gay diatribe over emotionally looped and distorted pads, devoured by vintage flanged vocals and oscillated synth feedback. Throwback is the new black, so with the return of Reagan-era Christian moral hypocrisy in the political spotlight, it’s timely that we have a poignant response in the most brutal and personal form. 

“Boys’ Academy” Lyrics:

You continually cry
That we cannot breed
Yet you father us
Mother us
Endless breeding
A useless crop
To poison the harvest

Reaping time
Dry human chaff
Culling humanity
But our duty is counfounded
By ceaseless replication

We will not breed
Yet we continue to multiply
The infinite act
Seeking finite resolve
Clinical insanity

Queer shock treatment
To propagating minds
We will finish you
One way or another

More news from the STRAIGHT PANIC Facebook page:

IN PROGRESS: collab cs with HATE AUDITION, collab cs with Contact Low, collab project with Contraktor, split cs with AIDS VICTIM, full-length cs on No Rent Records, full-length FAMILY PLANNING cs for Impermanent/FM DUST.

“Don’t Fuck Up, The World” (c20, Big Pharma Records) split with CONTRAKTOR
“the Satanic Verses” (CD, Phage Tapes)
“American Zion” (2xCS, Fuck Mtn. Ltd. Release) split with RAPE-X
“Status: Nagative” (3″CDr, Petite Soles)