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Exclusive: Stream Bōkōyume’s “Lovebites”, From Upcoming Noise Pop Full Release on Lovecrypt

Subversive electronics label LOVECRYPT presents this exclusive preview of noise pop artist Bōkōyume in anticipation of their full length release, ボコユメ, due out on August 30th.

Bōkōyume mutates j-pop melodies and media samples through overdrive and distortion effects, fed-back into themselves to create hypnotic layers of noise reminiscent of the more structured expressions of the Onkyo music movement (Onkyokei). I’m also reminded of the early works of industrial pioneers such as NON and Nurse with Wound in their destruction and reconstruction of pop music into layered abstract loops. Both “Lovebites” and “Instant Noodles Museum in Yokohama” showcase a more industrial element, with bass-heavy percussions and moments of arrhythmic stuttering. Listeners will find themselves phasing in and out of existential slumber with visions of exotic lands made unnerving through contaminated underwater transmissions. Settle into that awkward space between channels, signals intermingling like a sonic orgy, massaging your spine until they dig into a pain receptor, sending a sonic blast of aural pain. 

Raul Antony

Also available Bōkōyume is the ボコユメ single “Instant Noodles Museum in Yokohama” and the goodtime EP

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