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New Great Titles Coming Up From Trapart Books

It’s going to be a wonderful Autumn- and Winter season at Trapart HQ. They have been very productive together with some truly amazing people, and as Summer is waning things are slowly but surely coming to fruition. How about this for starters?

Vanessa Sinclair’s anthology Rendering Unconscious, which weaves together contemporary writings on psychoanalysis with cutting edge poetry in an inspiring and stimulating mix.

Lars Sundestrand’s To Become Who You Are – Funtime with Throbbing Gristle, Monte Cazazza and Psychic TV, an incredible volume filled with Sundestrand’s stunning photos and interviews with Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Monte Cazazza. Plus an amazing amount of TG and PTV “propaganda” and information. Positively mind-blowing stuff!

And then there’s Ruby Ray’s Kalifornia Kool – Photographs 1976-1982. Ruby Ray was the main photographer in/on the San Francisco punk/post-punk/industrial scenes, and she snapped all the relevant, influential and cool bands and artists. And they all meet again in this exquisite book… Time travel alert!

There will very likely be even more books coming out during this period but for now, let’s just go through these ones a bit deeper…

Rendering Unconscious – Psychoanalysis & Poetry In Troubled Times (Edited by Dr Vanessa Sinclair, cover art by Alison Blickle)

Rendering Unconscious – Psychoanalysis & Poetry In Troubled Times (Edited by Dr Vanessa Sinclair, cover art by Alison Blickle)

In psychoanalysis and psychology, it is understood that symptoms speak to us. They are not just nuisances to be minimised and managed but clues to deeper structural issues to be recognised and understood. Whether it’s our own unconscious or the underbelly of the collective culture in which we live, we have to listen, and we have to listen now.

Rendering Unconscious comes at a particularly crucial moment of social-political upheaval. In our current global crisis, the systemic issues underlying our current problems are so deeply rooted and pervasive that it is difficult to fully wrap our heads around.

This volume brings together an eclectic mix of contemporary psychoanalysts, psychologists, scholars, philosophers, intellectuals, artists and poets to address current events of the cultural climate in which we find ourselves today.

This collection includes material by Simon Critchley, Brad Evans, Jamieson Webster, David Lichtenstein, Patricia Gherovici, Manya Steinkoler, Steven Reisner, Gavriel Reisner, Chiara Bottici, Sergio Benvenuto, Elisabeth Punzi, Per Magnus Johansson, Jill Gentile, Adel Souto and Marie Brown, among others, on topics as diverse as the crisis in mental healthcare, systemic racism, fake news, hate speech, the alt-right, cyber-stalking, the aesthetic experience of the neoliberal subject, jouissance as a political category, Lacan, Freud, Jung, Spielrein, Husserl, Kepler, rethinking Oedipus, Duchamp, Dada, das Unbehagen, the mass psychology of Trumpism, Black Lives Matter, and more.

Rendering Unconscious is complemented by the podcast of the same name, in which Dr. Sinclair interviews psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, creative arts therapists, poets, artists and other intellectuals and scholars about current events, the state of mental health care, culture and the arts.

Lars Sundestrand: To become who you are – Funtime with Throbbing Gristle, Monte Cazazza and Psychic TV

Lars Sundestrand: To become who you are – Funtime with Throbbing Gristle, Monte Cazazza and Psychic TV

Lars Sundestrand ran a celebrated fanzine called Funtime in the late 70s/early 80s in Sweden. His thing was to get really close to the artists and cultivate long term friendships.

This book focuses on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and the projects Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. It contains absolutely amazing individual portraits, live images and lots of documentation from the P-Orridge/TG/PTV HQ approx 1977-1985.

Plus interviews with P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti and American artist Monte Cazazza. This is like pornography for anyone interested in Punk, “Industrial” Music, and Performance art (Cazazza, plus P-Orridge and Tutti were in legendary performance outfit COUM Transmissions together before Throbbing Gristle). It’s a unique insight into an era that was highly creative, experimental and magical, and a lavish addition to the P-Orridge lore and legacy.

Ruby Ray: Kalifornia Kool – Photographs 1976-1981

Ruby Ray: Kalifornia Kool – Photographs 1976-1981

From the introduction:

“Late 70s, early 80s… Ruby Ray and her camera, capturing the movers and shakers of the San Francisco punk and industrial scenes… And then some… Performance art, music, literature, photos, videos made with a “fuck you” and “do it yourself” attitude.

Ruby sees and Ruby captures… Knowns and unknowns, winners and losers, sane and insane, constructive and destructive… William Burroughs with his gun, Bruce Conner being fueled by punk energy, Sex Pistols’ last ever gig in San Fran, Throbbing Gristle, The Cramps live at Napa Mental Hospital, Search and Destroy Magazine, and band and gigs galore…

Devo, Mutants, Slits, Bags, Dead Kennedys, Cabaret Voltaire, Slits, Roky Erickson, Nico, DOA, Chrome, Factrix, Boyd Rice, Z’EV, Chrome, Flipper… You name’em and there was Ruby Ray: the spectacularly talented lens of Kalifornia Kool.

We should be grateful for her work. It’s invaluable, evocative, loud, sexy and more inspiring now than ever before…

Ruby’s images open up a portal to a mythic and frenzied scene and shows that it’s true: all mythologies are real… Turn up the volume and dive into this one.”