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Exclusive: Hear ‘Reconcile’ the New Album from Theologian

Hot on the heels of The Icy Bleakness of Things, Theologian’s collaboration with The Vomit Arsonist, Cloister Recordings presents Reconcile. Timed to coincide with the upcoming live appearance at the Darkness Descends festival, this 60-minute release (available on cassette or as a digital download) contains brand-new material featuring input from Andy Grant (The Vomit Arsonist), Mike McClatchey (Lament Cityscape), Stephen Petrus (Murderous Vision), and Derek Rush (Dream Into Dust). The album was mixed by Mike McClatchey. The word “supergroup” has been jokingly bandied about in reference to this collection of artists, but the final product is indeed a unique composite of industrial sounds, reflecting another step in the evolution of Theologian.

Reconcile features a return to a less harsh and distorted iteration of Theologian, with cavernous drones and thunderous percussion creating the sort of dense sonic environments found on the 2010 debut album, The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel on My Face.

Eschewing the long-form drone/ambient tracks of older releases, here we find Theologian giving a nod to the immediacy and memorability of pop, using rhythm and melody to elicit slightly less sprawling emotional landscapes. The album’s eight tracks are interconnected by brief interludes, serving as touchstones along the journey to the ultimate denouement. As the title suggests, Reconcile is ultimately about coming to terms with past versions of oneself, while examining the present and fretting over the future.

We’re pleased to be able to offer you an exclusive stream of the full album in its dark glory here today.

Cloister Recordings is issuing this cassette in an edition of 100 copies, which will become available for the first time when Theologian headlines the Darkness Descends festival on Saturday, June 16 at Pat’s in the Flat’s in Cleveland, Ohio.

Also performing are The Vomit Arsonist, Steel Hook Prostheses, Gnawed, Compactor, Shock Frontier, Vitriol Gauge, Cunting Daughters, and Murderous Vision. Andy Grant, Stephen Petrus, and Derek Rush will join Theologian as live collaborators for the occasion. The event is sold out.

This year will see the reissue of Soft Tissue, the 2016 collaboration between Theologian and Lament Cityscape. It will feature new mixes of the original material and remixes by the likes of Orphx, Snowbeasts, Compactor and more. Murderous Vision and Lament Cityscape both have albums soon to be released, while The Vomit Arsonist is still basking in the glow of Further, the cassette released in April on Gutter Bloat. While Derek Rush has mostly been busy as SysAdmin for heavy electronics project COMPACTOR, a 20th-anniversary vinyl reissue of the Dream Into Dust album The World We Have Lost is in the works for April 2019. Theologian is continuing work on the score and sound design for Cadabra Records’ series of releases of H.P. Lovecraft readings. The Call of Cthulu is available now and will soon be followed by The Haunter of the Dark and a third work to be confirmed soon.

“Hands” photo by Gretchen HeinelReconcile album artwork by K. Berlin.

Cloister Recordings
Annihilvs Power Electronix/ Theologian