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Exclusive: See the New Video by Conjecture from ‘My Body, Your Temple’

Not long ago, we brought you a rapturous review of Urbanitarianism, the latest full-length album from Conjecture. At the time, the one thing reviewer Angel S. was left wanting were some more ambient tracks to balance the rhythms. And that’s what Greek sound artist Vasilis Angelopoulos (the man behind Conjecture) provides with My Body, Your Temple, his follow-up EP. It’s a plunge into the deeper oceans of his music, drifting and heavily atmospheric than its predecessor.

My Body, Your Temple, was originally released in November 2017 by Raumklang Music (Germany) and Amek Collective (Bulgaria).  Over its five tracks, each denoted by a single letter, A-E, the EP explores the connection between the body and the divine. Angelopoulos describes his work as both research and commentary on the ways in which people around the world will mortify their flesh in order to please their gods.

Today we have an exclusive look at “B”, the first video from My Body, Your Temple.

John Sotiripoulos (founder of Layer Based Human Activities label and the man behind the musical project Талос) created the video, drawing visual inspiration from the same ideas Angelopoulos used to create the music. It is a fascinating, at times shocking look at ecstatic practices around the world.

My Body, Your Temple is still available on cassette format, through Raumklang, although this version is nearly sold out. You can also download a digital copy from the Raumklang Bandcamp page.